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Women Belong in the – Wait a Minute…

Populist authoritarians use subtle language and legislative action to challenge women’s role in society. To change this, it will take men and women standing together to create a truly fair and just society.
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It's Time for Some Answers on Populist Authoritarians

A new book published by Liberties explains why increasing numbers of voters support politicians with authoritarian agendas and how progressives can strike back.

In Focus

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Public Outcry over Child Protection Reform in Lithuania

Critics of the recent child protection law reform in Lithuania say it is anti-family, while human rights organisations say that the implementation has been mishandled by authorities.
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Ever Wondered Why Refugees Don’t Take the Plane?

An EU directive forces refugees to resort to irregular migration channels to arrive in the EU, entrusting their lives to rubber dinghies and paying vast sums of money to smugglers.
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Strasbourg Win for HCLU in Hyperlinking Case

A Hungarian court judged that the 444 news portal had damaged the reputation of a political party by hyperlinking to a third-party video. The European Court of Human Rights has now found that the Hungarian decision violated freedom of speech.

You React

Rights Protection by the EU

138 articles

Belgian Police Beat Man for Filming Migrant Detention

Following the police brutality against Diego Dumont, as he exercised his right to record a video of a police action, the Belgian League of Human Rights (LDH) has requested a serious and independent investigation.

Hungary's Fidesz Government will be able to Hand Pick Judges

The Hungarian Government has revealed its plans for the management of administrative courts. In the new system, the Minister of Justice will have unprecedented power over hiring and firing judges.
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Freedoms of NGOs

76 articles

Croatian Government Called on to stop Attacking Civil Society

Encouraged by the verdict issued to the Are You Syrious volunteer, Platform 112 has expressed concern over long-term pressure from the Ministry of the Interior towards activists, volunteers and all those who support refugees.

Irish Civil Society Groups Launch Campaign to Save 'The People’s Voice'

A coalition of Irish NGOs launched their campaign to reform the Electoral Act, which they say is stifling civil society by prohibiting international funding and domestic donations of over €2,500.
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Orban Visit: Croatian PM Called on To Reject Illiberal Policies of Hungary

Although the Croatian Democratic Union's MEPs recently supported Viktor Orban in the European Parliament, Prime Minister Plenković should condemn human rights violations in Hungary during Orban's visit to Zagreb.

Freedom of Expression

83 articles

Ignore the Flash and Focus on the Big Picture

While the public’s attention was focused on the absurd ‘Holocaust law’, Poland’s government pulled a fast one and rammed through legislative changes that it cared far more about.

Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 7.

Authoritarians propose shocking laws and regulations to blind citizens and drive away public attention from serious matters. Watch our latest episode to learn how to focus on what really matters instead of on the agenda of populists.
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​Proposed EU Terrorist Regulation Threatens Free Expression

Human rights and digital rights NGOs call on Justice and Home Affairs ministers of the EU to reconsider the proposed terrorist content regulation, as its current form it will harm free speech, journalism, and access to information.

Privacy and Surveillance

56 articles

Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 6.

Shout-out to all gossip & juicy scandal lovers out there – keep your guilty pleasures in check and don't risk your democracy. Survival Guide to Authoritarianism, episode 6.

Misinformation in the Media: How to tell what's Legitimate and what's not?

In out latest Survival Guide to Authoritarianism video, we ask you to help by always pointing out the truth and exposing ignorance with facts, because if nobody fights the blatant lies authoritarians put forward, they will win.
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​The Inclusion of Refugees in Germany

Among all EU countries, Germany has by far welcomed the highest number of refugees since 2015. The majority is from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Their path to social inclusion is complicated but not impossible.

Asylum and Migration

102 articles

Salvini Decree to Legalise Violations at Migrant Hotspots

The CILD project In Limine provides an analysis of the situation in the Italian migrant hotspot of Lampedusa and flags serious breaches that could result from the so-called Salvini decree

Rome's Baobab Centre for Migrants Bulldozed

The season of evictions promised by Minister Matteo Salvini resumed on 13 November, when the Baobab centre in Rome was flattened, leaving hundreds homeless.
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Foreign Children Born in Italy to Be Granted Citizenship by Town

The local council of Troia has gone against the xenophobic grain in Italy by unanimously approving a motion to provide foreigners' children born in Italy with Italian citizenship.