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Challenges and Opportunities Abound for Foreigners in Rome

New research sheds light on the situation of foreigners in Rome and its surrounding region, revealing Italy's capital to be a place of great pluralism and multiculturalism.
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Italy Puts Off New Citizenship Law – Will 1 Million People Ever Become Rightful Italians?

The Italian Parliament has decided against approving a new citizenship law based on jus soli, claiming there weren't the necessary votes to pass it. Now there's real risk that it will never be passed.

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Sofia Orthodox Theologian Guilty of Incitement to Discrimination Against Non-Christian Group

A court in the Bulgarian capital has ruled the head of a church's religious studies group is guilty of incitement to discrimination against a spiritual group that focuses on yoga and meditation.
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Civil Society in State of Emergency Amid Global Rise in Populism

A new report highlights the overall situation of civil society and the issues it is facing due to the worldwide rise of populism. It calls for more cooperation and networking among civil rights organizations.
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Know Your Rights - Solidarity at Sea: A Fact-Based Guide to the Real Work of NGOs

CILD has created Know Your Rights - Solidarity at Sea, an easily accessible guide to contrast the media's smear campaign against NGOs involved in migrant search and rescue operations.
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Serious Security Gap Identified in Spain's Judicial Communications System

Rights International Spain has raised its concerns with the UN experts on privacy and judicial independence over a failure in the Ministry of Justice's electronic communications system that could have allowed any user to access any judicial file.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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To Halt Poland’s PiS, Go for the Euros

The Polish government has been largely impervious to EU legal and political pressure. But cutting off EU funding is likely to be more persuasive and the Commission has clear legal grounds to do so.

ENCJ Voices Displeasure With Polish Government's Judicial Meddling

The European Network of Councils for the Judiciary is greatly dismayed to learn that both houses of the Polish Parliament last week approved judicial reforms in Poland.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Igniting Liberties: Want to Learn About One of Our Many Strengths?

The Civil Liberties Union for Europe – Liberties – is a unique organization that will help unify society at a time when it desperately needs to come together around shared values.

Bulgarian NGOs Resist New Bill to Restrict Outside Funding for Judges' Groups

If the bill becomes law, organizations for magistrates, prosecutors and investigators would no longer be allowed to accept funding from foreign citizens or entities.
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Urgent Changes Needed to Reform Lithuania's Outdated Prison System

A recent ECtHR judgment that found Lithuania to have violated the rights of life prisoners could become a powerful incentive to reform the prison system.

Freedom of Expression

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Here's Why Your Free Speech Is So Important

Freedom of speech is necessary to hold governments to account, but it is under threat in Europe. Here’s why this right is so important, and what Liberties is doing to protect it.

Lithuania Criticized After ECHR Ruling on Russian 'Homosexual Propaganda'

Following the Strasbourg court's condemnation of Russia's "propaganda law," a representative of the European Parliament urged the European Commission to review analogous regulations in Lithuania.
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Privacy and Data Protection: Here's What Liberties Is Doing to Protect You

We constantly share information and leave traces of ourselves online. And while the benefits are unquestionable, so too are the risks. Here's what Liberties is doing to improve the protection of our privacy.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Watch: 'Decriminalize Drugs Now,' Former Swiss President Urges

We must put public health at the center of drug policy and abandon the idea that criminalization is the answer, says former Swiss President Ruth Dreifuss.

NGOs: No More Surveillance Technologies for Authoritarian Governments!

The export of surveillance equipment is becoming big business for Italian and international companies - business that puts activists and journalists working under authoritarian regimes in harm's way.
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Madrid Offers Alternatives to the Detention of Migrants

The City Council has published its road map to avoid the detention of migrants, and to protect the human rights of detainees in cases where detention can't be avoided.

Asylum and Migration

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Dutch Groups Launch 'Know Your Rights' Project for Asylum Seekers

Pro Bono Connect, New Dutch Connections, the NJCM, the Leiden Law Clinic and DLA Piper launched the Know Your Rights project; a project aimed at empowering young asylum seekers by introducing them into various legal topics.

EU Should Tackle Poland's Unsafe Returns to Belarus

In defiance of the European Court of Human Rights, Poland continues to block asylum seekers at its border with Belarus.
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'Put Human Rights First': NGOs Ask for New Approach to Immigration Detention

CILD and other civil society organizations have asked the Council of Europe for a fundamentally different approach to immigration detention: one that puts human rights first.