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Rights Groups: Croatian Police Broke the Law in Events Leading to Refugee Girl's Death

The family of Madina Hussiny, the six-year-old girl who died a month ago at the Serbia-Croatia border, has filed a criminal charge against unknown police officers from the Croatian Ministry of the Interior.
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#MeAndMyRights: Just Chilling? How Mass Surveillance Is Killing Democratic Accountability

Since Snowden's revelations, journalists and writers have been self-censoring on a wide range of issues - and this is just one of the 'chilling effects' of mass surveillance.

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Belgian Constitutional Court Rebukes Government Over Criminal Justice Reform

The Constitutional Court found problems with three areas of a 2016 law that reforms Belgium's criminal justice system.
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​Liberties Turns 1: Our Achievements and What Comes Next

As we reach the age of a toddler – a precocious one! – Liberties asks you, true supporters of a free, just and democratic Europe, to join forces with us to help support human rights across the EU.
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Dutch Man Guilty of Sedition Over Racist Facebook Posts

The social media posts incited discrimination and violence against Muslims and black people.
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Netherlands: Mothering Students Will Get the Right to Maternity Leave

Women who are pregnant or mothering shouldn't need to choose between family and education. Now they will no longer need to in the Netherlands.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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EU Needs to Do More to Close Gaps in Protecting Detainees' Rights

The study finds that despite some action at European level, current legislation on the rights protection of criminal suspects fails to comply with international and EU standards.

Torture, Hotspots & Partnering With Libya: UN Voices Concerns to Italy

The United Nations Committee against Torture has adopted its concluding observations on Italy’s situation and recognised many of the issues submitted by Liberties member Antigone in its report.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Human Rights Defenders at Risk Across the Globe

A new report says the number of human rights defenders being killed remains "truly shocking" and there's "little hope that this will change in the short term".

​Civil Society Groups Call For European Values Instrument

Rights organisations in Poland, Hungary and Croatia are demanding an EU mechanism to support civil society groups that promote democracy, human rights and rule of law.
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Despite Hostile Work Climate, Italian NGOs Resolve to Fight On

"Stand up for human rights, side by side with NGOs" was the title of a recent discussion in Rome to promote dialogue about the current work environment for human rights organisations in Italy.

Freedom of Expression

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The 'Six Heroes' Have Been Acquitted: A Victory for Solidarity In Belgium

The Brussels Criminal Court has acquitted six passengers who faced two criminal charges for stopping the deportation of an undocumented person on a flight in August of last year.

Free-Speech Pitfall Avoided in EU Copyright Reform

Free speech won an important battle in the copyright reform debate in the European Parliament, though many threats to our rights remain.
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Fine Against Polish TV Station Is a Violation of Free Speech

The Polish National Broadcasting Council's recent fine on the private TV broadcaster TVN for alleged biased reporting is a shocking violation for free speech and democratic norms.

Privacy and Surveillance

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#MeAndMyRights: Mass Surveillance, Privacy and Democracy

During this series we've learnt about mass surveillance, privacy and democracy. But how do they all fit together?

#MeAndMyRights: Democracy Depends On Privacy To Hold Our Leaders to Account

Opinion shapers don’t just develop new ideas that may become social rules. They also create new information on how existing rules are being applied in practice - something called democratic accountability. To do so they need privacy - here is why.
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Most Croatians Neither Hate Nor Fear Refugees

More than half of Croatian citizens believe their country should be open to refugees seeking protection, and about two-thirds do not think Croatia should build a border wall.

Asylum and Migration

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Watch: Europe's Most Fortified Border

Is Europe's most built up border where you think it is?

'One of the Darkest Moments in European History'

Four years ago, almost 300 people - including 60 children - drowned when their boat capsized off Lampedusa. Now a father and mother who lost their four daughters in the tragedy seek justice before the Italian courts.
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Watch: Elderly Hungarians Help Refugees Find New Purpose

Helping elderly Hungarians doesn't just prove the value asylum seekers can bring to a society - it also helps them overcome the traumas of their past.