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Legalisation of Euthanasia in Italy at a Standstill

The debate on euthanasia in Italy goes on, while a handful of MPs from the current ruling alliance could make a difference in the debate.
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Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 13.

Do you want your kids to grow up brainwashed? Ensure students and youths keep an open mind and protect their real history and heritage. Stop authoritarians from distorting history according to the needs of their fake ideology.

In Focus

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The Waiting Has an End (For Now)

The 49 migrants aboard the two German rescue vessels were finally allowed to disembark in Malta on Wednesday. They will be distributed among eight EU countries alongside 249 other migrants rescued by the Maltese Coast Guard.
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All You Need Is Love?

Love is priceless, but is it enough to sustain a democracy if an authoritarian comes to power?
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​Italian Media Must Act More Responsibly on Migration Reporting

The approach taken by newspapers and TV when talking about migration can contribute to spreading an attitude of fear and hostility against refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.
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Rome: Penicillin Factory Should Be Re-purposed after Migrant Eviction

A former penicillin factory in Rome had been occupied by over 600 people, especially migrants and asylum seekers living in harsh conditions. However, they were forced to leave the factory without an alternative housing solution.

You React

Rights Protection by the EU

140 articles

Public Outcry over Child Protection Reform in Lithuania

Critics of the recent child protection law reform in Lithuania say it is anti-family, while human rights organisations say that the implementation has been mishandled by authorities.

Belgian Police Beat Man for Filming Migrant Detention

Following the police brutality against Diego Dumont, as he exercised his right to record a video of a police action, the Belgian League of Human Rights (LDH) has requested a serious and independent investigation.
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Freedoms of NGOs

76 articles

Orban Visit: Croatian PM Called on To Reject Illiberal Policies of Hungary

Although the Croatian Democratic Union's MEPs recently supported Viktor Orban in the European Parliament, Prime Minister Plenković should condemn human rights violations in Hungary during Orban's visit to Zagreb.

Croatian Government Called on to stop Attacking Civil Society

Encouraged by the verdict issued to the Are You Syrious volunteer, Platform 112 has expressed concern over long-term pressure from the Ministry of the Interior towards activists, volunteers and all those who support refugees.
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2018: A Bad Year for Migrant Rights in Italy

According to Amnesty International’s latest report, Italy in 2018 saw "repressive management of migration", "disintegration of the human rights of asylum seekers", "xenophobic rhetoric", and "forced evictions without alternatives".

Freedom of Expression

88 articles

Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 9.

To meet or not to meet? This is the question people face in countries like Hungary and Poland. If you're considering demonstrating, watch our Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 9.

Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 8.

Here's why women, youngsters and minorities have to fight the hardest under authoritarian regimes.
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Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 12.

'Those who are not with us are against our nation', to paraphrase an old expression. Watch the 12th episode of our Survival Guide to Authoritarianism.

Privacy and Surveillance

57 articles

Privacy Win! Data Retention Law to Be Overhauled in Estonia

After long-time pressure from the Estonian Human Rights Centre and others, the Estonian Ministry of Justice has drafted a proposal to amend the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act that require the retention of mass communications metadata.

Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 6.

Shout-out to all gossip & juicy scandal lovers out there – keep your guilty pleasures in check and don't risk your democracy. Survival Guide to Authoritarianism, episode 6.
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More Humanitarian Visas Will Help Save Lives

​A legislative proposal by a Spanish MEP, calling for the issuance of humanitarian visas, was approved in December in the European Parliament. This is a significant step towards the creation of more safe and legal pathways for refugees.

Asylum and Migration

108 articles

A Letter to the New Year 

With populists on the rise and human rights workers criminalized, it becomes difficult to assist those seeking refuge. Here’s how we will be helping the New Year to transform the challenges surrounding migration into opportunities.  

The Migrant Rescue Ship Aquarius Ends Its Operations

The ship has been forced to end its rescue operations in the Mediterranean because after "relentless" political pressure by several European states.
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UN Experts Concerned about Rising Xenophobia in Italy

The UN is sending a group of experts to Italy to monitor the environment for refugees and foreigners in general, as a new law ramps up racism and hatred in the country.