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EU Commission Sued Over Corruption Case Linked to Orbán's Son-in-Law

A Hungarian civil society group has brought an action against the European Commission related to a report about suspected corruption. HCLU provided legal assistance in lodging the complaint.

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Almost Half of ECtHR Judgments Ignored Across Europe

Some European countries are better than others but many are ignoring the European Court’s judgments. How does Romania stand and what are the ECtHR’s concerns in relation to it?
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Rights Violations: German Authorities Still Examining Asylum Seekers' Phones

A new study examines the data carrier evaluation of refugees by German authorities. The result: refugees are subject to second-class data protection.
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Facial Recognition Surveillance Treats Everyone Like Suspects

Privacy is a fundamental right that belongs to each and every one of us. Governments aren’t allowed to violate it whenever it pleases them. If the authorities want to spy on someone, they should need to get permission to do so.
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EU Commission Embraces Remote Facial Recognition?

The latest version of the European Commission's white paper on AI does not specify a temporary ban on remote facial recognition.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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ECtHR: Lithuania Discriminated Against Men Based on Their Sexual Orientation

Last month the ECtHR delivered its judgment in Pijus Beizaras and Mangirdas Levickas v. Lithuania. By refusing to investigate hate speech on social media, Lithuanian authorities discriminated against two men based on their sexual orientation.

Orbán's Media Empire Unlawfully Given Green Light

An unlawful decision of the Hungarian Competition Authority allowed for the creation of Fidesz's media empire, stated the court.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Year in Review: HRMI Makes Strides to Combat Discrimination, Violence Against Women

In 2019, HRMI focused on the protection of fundamental human rights in Lithuania, the prevention of domestic violence, victims' rights, prohibition of discrimination at work, and mental health.

Hungarian Anti-Civil Society Law Takes a Blow in Luxembourg

The Hungarian act requiring a part of civil society organizations to register as "foreign funded organizations" violates EU law, said the Advocate General competent in the matter at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
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Experts Report on Gender-Based Violence in Italy

Last January GREVIO published its first report on Italy's implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, known as the “Istanbul Convention”.

Freedom of Expression

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Automation and Illegal Content: Can We Rely on Machines Making Decisions for Us?

While automation is necessary for handling a vast amount of content shared by users, it makes mistakes that can be far-reaching for your rights and the well-being of society.

​More Transparency Needed During Copyright Debate

The European Commission should be fully transparent as it creates guidelines for implementing the new Copyright Directive, which should include safeguards for fundamental rights.
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EU Commission Agrees to Greater Transparency for Copyright Guidelines

The European Commission has consented to Liberties’ request for greater transparency and agreed to share the draft guidelines on the implementation of the Copyright Directive with members of the stakeholder dialogue.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Good News for Privacy: Mass Processing of Passenger Data Case goes to CJEU

A German district court has referred the European Passenger Name Record (PNR) Directive to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). This is a major step towards ending the mass processing of passenger data.

ECtHR Demands Explanation on Uncontrolled Polish Intelligence Practices

The European Court of Human Rights has demanded that the Polish Government explain why its intelligence agencies conduct uncontrolled surveillance of its citizens.
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Sea-Watch Captain’s Arrest Unlawful, Supreme Court Rules

Italy’s highest court confirmed last Friday that the arrest of Carola Rackete in June was unlawful. To avoid similar mistakes happening in the future we need to reform the outdated Facilitation Directive.

Asylum and Migration

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Call for Croatia to Be Kept out of Schengen Until it Improves Asylum Practices

Croatia has received the green light from the European Commission to enter the border-free Schengen Area, but nine organisations and initiatives working with the victims of border violence have made their objections clear.

Bodies Under Suspicion: the Human Cost of Racial Profiling

A recent report based on personal experiences, denounces how racial profiling is a common police practice in Spain and proposes measures to tackle it.
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Croatia "Cruel and Violent" in Handling Migration

Human rights violations of migrants are occurring daily across Croatia. Now organisations are calling for an end to these illegal practices.