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Stop Upload Filters - Send Letter to EU Legislators

European Union legislators are in the final stage of discussing the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online. Get engaged - send our message to EU legislators.
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Immuni: Italy's COVID-19 Contact-Tracing App

What is a contact-tracing app? Do they follow me on it? Who sees the data collected by the app?

In Focus

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Liberties and AccessNow Ask Commissioners About Interoperability of Tracing Apps

Liberties and Access Now today sent a letter to the European Commission to inquire about the interoperability system for COVID-19 contact-tracing applications that was set up by the Commission.
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NGOs' Eviction During Curfew Is Another Blow to Democracy in Slovenia

The newly elected Slovenian government has a long track record on curbing criticism. Their latest move aims to silence civil society organisations. Raise your voice and join their petition.
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Italy Starts Using Ships to Quarantine Resident Migrants who Test Positive for Covid-19

CILD learned that a Covid-positive Gambian man with an Italian residence permit had been transferred to a quarantine ship, with no prior notice. Dozens of similar cases of migrants being quarantined in this way soon emerged.
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Why Facebook Is Wrong to Ban Holocaust Denial

Holocaust denial is truly offensive and a clear lie. But Facebook got it wrong.

Rights Protection by the EU

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Europe's culture war on masks

Why does anti-masking fit so well with the views of authoritarian voters and leaders?

'Undrinkable Cocktails' and a Soft Bartender: A Review of the First EU Rule of Law Report

​The European Commission released its first-ever EU Rule of Law Report. Liberties welcomes the Report but warns that such reports must not just be a box-ticking exercise.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Human Rights House to Open in Brussels Thanks to Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign launched by the Belgium League of Human Rights (LDH) and Liga voor mensenrechten (Liga) to create a Human Rights House in Brussels ended on Monday 5 October, exceeding its goal for contributions.

EU Governments Use Pandemic Measures to Restrict Civic Space and Freedoms: Liberties & Greenpeace Report

Restrictions on the right to protest, free speech, access to information and freedom of association. This is how governments across the EU took political advantage of the pandemic. Read details in the Liberties-Greenpeace joint report below.
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Liberties Report: Does Germany Have a Civic Space Problem?

Germany’s legislation regulating the work of civil society organizations is outdated and vague, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by some politicians and commercial lobbyists, Liberties' new report finds.

Freedom of Expression

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Copyright Directive Draft Guidance Could Lead to Rights Violations, NGOs Warn

Digital and civil rights groups have sent a letter to the European Commissioner for Internal Market warning that draft guidance on Article 17 of the Copyright Directive could lead to limits on free speech and the right to receive information.

EHRC Supporting Student Accused of Defamation by Estonian Radio Provocateur

An Estonian university student created a petition calling for the host to be fired for hateful language towards minorities, with the host responding by suing for defamation.
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​Upload Filters Are Back, and We Are Still Strongly Against Them

​Upload filters. Do they ring a bell? Do you remember the debate about the Copyright Directive, which was partly about mandatory upload filters to protect rightholders' creative works? Now they are back.

Privacy and Surveillance

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​NGOs Urge Default Transparency in Online Political Advertising

Civil society organisations push for full transparency of political ads online to avoid misleading and disguised ads, which can easily distort political preferences.

Quiz: What Do You Know About Tracing Apps?

Coronavirus contact-tracing apps are being launched across Europe. Do you know more about the app than it knows about you?
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ECtHR: Belgium Acted Illegally in Sudanese Deportation Case

Europe's human rights court has condemned Belgium for illegally returning a Sudanese national to his home country without assessing the risks of torture, and inhumane and degrading treatments. Belgium also violated his right to effective remedy.

Asylum and Migration

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Belgium: Right To International Protection for Refugees Undermined by ECtHR

In a case involving Belgium's refusal to grant humanitarian visas to a Syrian family, the European Court of Human Rights stated that Belgium was not obliged to comply with the European Convention of Human Rights as the family applied outside of Belgium.

The New Asylum and Migration Pact: An Opportunity Seized, or Squandered?

After years of treating asylum and migration in crisis mode, we believe the proposed Pact on Asylum and Migration is an opportunity for the EU and its member states to change direction.
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Chechen Refugees Unlawfully Refused Entry to Poland, Rules ECtHR

Chechen asylum seekers, who had repeatedly been refused an opportunity to file applications for international protection by the Polish Border Guard, have successfully challenged Poland at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.