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Spain Must Protect the Rights and Health of People in Prison

Coronavirus is having a massive impact on the health and detainees in Spain. Dozens of organizations have expressed their concern in a document they presented to the authorities.
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The New Asylum and Migration Pact: An Opportunity Seized, or Squandered?

After years of treating asylum and migration in crisis mode, we believe the proposed Pact on Asylum and Migration is an opportunity for the EU and its member states to change direction.

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Racism in a Pandemic

The UN established 21 March as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year, the media is in thrall to a pandemic that is ravaging the world and occupying the centre of social interest.
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Liberties is exploring the concept of inclusion and caring communities with a new video series. The series features newcomers to Germany who, thanks to support from their communities, have started their own businesses.
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Belgium: Counter-Terrorism Policies Must Not Impact Human Rights

Last week, the Belgium Monitoring Committee on counterterrorism policies (T Committee) released its annual report before the Senate, highlighting the fact that the fight against terrorism must not affect human rights.
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Communities on the Rise

In a strong community, people are willing to engage in activities that help other people. This improves everyone’s quality of life and makes people less lonely – Kussay Chichakly

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Rights Protection by the EU

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Belgium to Suspend Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia

The NGOs LDH, CNAPD and Vredesactie, along with Amnesty International, have welcomed this major decision by the Council of State regarding arms exports to a country well known for its human rights abuses and suspected of committing war crimes.

Almost Half of ECtHR Judgments Ignored Across Europe

Some European countries are better than others but many are ignoring the European Court’s judgments. How does Romania stand and what are the ECtHR’s concerns in relation to it?
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Year in Review: HRMI Makes Strides to Combat Discrimination, Violence Against Women

In 2019, HRMI focused on the protection of fundamental human rights in Lithuania, the prevention of domestic violence, victims' rights, prohibition of discrimination at work, and mental health.

Hungarian Anti-Civil Society Law Takes a Blow in Luxembourg

The Hungarian act requiring a part of civil society organizations to register as "foreign funded organizations" violates EU law, said the Advocate General competent in the matter at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
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Italian Prisons in a Time of Coronavirus: In Search of a Solution

The penitentiary system is facing a grave situation with the coronavirus pandemic, with protests and riots exploding on 8 March and the Government failing to elaborate a solution to limit the spread of the virus in prisons.

Freedom of Expression

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Who Should Decide What We See Online?

Online platforms rank and moderate content without letting us know how and why they do it. There is a pressing need for transparency of the practices and policies of these online platforms.

EU Commission Agrees to Greater Transparency for Copyright Guidelines

The European Commission has consented to Liberties’ request for greater transparency and agreed to share the draft guidelines on the implementation of the Copyright Directive with members of the stakeholder dialogue.
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Rights Organizations Warn about Unlawful Data Exploitation in Popular Apps

Liberties is leading a second outreach on the GDPR violations adtech industry is committing. Based on new evidence, Liberties members and partners are urging national data protection authorities to stop rights violations.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Digital Censorship in Spain: Closing Websites by Decree

The Royal Decree-Law 14/2019 of 31 October could limit online freedoms in Spain and is another regulation approved in reaction to a very specific situation, without a comprehensive analysis of all the areas it will affect.

Good News for Privacy: Mass Processing of Passenger Data Case goes to CJEU

A German district court has referred the European Passenger Name Record (PNR) Directive to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). This is a major step towards ending the mass processing of passenger data.
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Treat Innocents Caught in Turkey-Standoff with Compassion

We all want somewhere to call home. If we were forced to leave, we would hope to find people who offer us shelter. But some politicians are using innocent civilians as pawns in a political game. And EU leaders allow violent attacks on them to continue.

Asylum and Migration

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Sea-Watch Captain’s Arrest Unlawful, Supreme Court Rules

Italy’s highest court confirmed last Friday that the arrest of Carola Rackete in June was unlawful. To avoid similar mistakes happening in the future we need to reform the outdated Facilitation Directive.

Croatia "Cruel and Violent" in Handling Migration

Human rights violations of migrants are occurring daily across Croatia. Now organisations are calling for an end to these illegal practices.
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Rights Violations: German Authorities Still Examining Asylum Seekers' Phones

A new study examines the data carrier evaluation of refugees by German authorities. The result: refugees are subject to second-class data protection.