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Dutch Security Agent Accused of Leaking State Secrets Wins ECHR Appeal

A former Dutch security service employee's right to a fair trial was violated by national courts in his trial for passing classified documents to unauthorised people, the Strasbourg court has ruled.
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Security Through Human Rights: New Liberties Report

Today, Liberties published its report ‘Security through Human Rights’. The report finds that two commonly used counter-terrorism measures are killing democracy, are ineffective and counter-productive.

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Atletico Diritti Takes the Field Once Again in the Name of Anti-Discrimination

Atletico Diritti, a very special football team composed of refugees, people in the criminal system and students, takes the pitch for its fourth season, playing in the name of integration, anti-racism and human rights for all.
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Court Blocks Belgium's 'Illegal' Deportation of Sudanese Migrants

The Court of First Instance in Liège confirmed that the deportation of Sudanese nationals was an unlawful order made by the state secretary for asylum and migration.
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5 Years of Defending Human Rights in the Netherlands – But There Is Still Much to Do

As the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights celebrates its 5th Anniversary, its chairwoman, Adriana van Dooijeweert, notes that although they've had great achievements, "a lot remains to be done".
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Applications for Master's Degree in Human Rights and Civil Liberties Are Open!

The new postgraduate program is promoted by the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights in cooperation with Roma Tre University. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

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Rights Protection by the EU

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180 Recommendations for Poland at UN Universal Periodic Review

The Polish government has accepted more than 140 of the 180 recommendations it was given on rule of law, anti-discrimination and freedom of speech.

EU Governments Must Protect Rule of Law in Poland: Joint Letter to EU Council

Mounting restrictions on NGOs in Poland are a further nail in the coffin of the Rule of Law, democracy and fundamental rights. We ask EU governments meeting to discuss the situation in Poland to protect the people.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Hungarian NGOs Stand Together to Protest NGO Law in Court

23 Hungarian NGOs have filed a joint appeal to the Hungarian Constitutional Court against the law stigmatising NGOs.

​Commission replies to Hungarian NGOs’ and Liberties’ joint letter on Hungary

Hungarian NGOs and Liberties recently asked the Commission to take three measures to protect the rule of law and the freedom of NGOs in Hungary and across the EU. Here's our assessment of the Commission's reply.
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How Italy's Parliament Buried a Bill to Legalise Cannabis (and Turned It into Something Else)

The Chamber of Deputies is set to take up debate on a bill to regulate the medical use of cannabis –​ but only after the original meaning of the proposal was radically changed.

Freedom of Expression

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Appeal Launched Against Nazi Organisation’s Permission to Protest

As the legal representative for the Jewish congregation in Gothenburg, Sweden, Liberties member Civil Rights Defenders has appealed against the decision to allow a neo-Nazi protest there in September.

Free Speech Under Threat from New EU Rules - Policy Note

EU governments and the European Parliament are finalising new rules about television, on-demand and video sharing services. Our policy note covers the main problems and offers some solutions to EU decision-makers.
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Journalists Dismissed From Polish Public Radio Return to Work

Journalists Wojciech Dorosz and Marcin Majchrowski were dismissed in December 2016 from Polish Radio for "disciplinary reasons". Both filed a court action against the dismissal.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Watching the Watchers: When Intelligence Sharing Leads to Human Rights Abuses

Intelligence sharing is important to fight organised crime, but - without adequate monitoring - it can also lead to human rights abuses. Liberties member CILD has launched a new campaign for greater transparency around government intelligence sharing.

How Well Protected Is Your Privacy in Hungary?

Hungary used to be a privacy protection pioneer in Europe, but that has changed. Here's the joint opinion of Access Now and HCLU on current Hungarian regulations related to the decree on data protection.
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Watch: 'I Will Not Remain Silent' About Violent Deportations

Liberties member the Belgian League of Human Rights is participating to an awareness-raising campaign that aims to encourage citizens who witness violent deportations to speak out and not remain indifferent.

Asylum and Migration

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Belgium-Sudan Agreement: An Offensive & Unacceptable Cooperation

After refusing to welcome migrants and then chasing them, Belgium is now cooperating with the Sudanese dictatorial regime to identify its nationals. Is there a limit that the secretary of state would not transgress in order to 'clean' the capital?

​Hungary and Slovakia lose migrant quota case against the EU

EU migrant relocation quotas declared legal and challenges against it by Slovakia and Hungary dismissed in EU court ruling on Wednesday.
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Watch: Refugees Can't Be Sent Back to Their Country if it Endangers Them

Some member states of the EU are all too willing to return refugees to their home country and ignore the danger that awaits them there.