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Sea-Watch Captain’s Arrest Unlawful, Supreme Court Rules

Italy’s highest court confirmed last Friday that the arrest of Carola Rackete in June was unlawful. To avoid similar mistakes happening in the future we need to reform the outdated Facilitation Directive.
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Can't Say That: Speechbag - Episode 3

Don’t you like having the freedom to see and share what you want online? That should be your decision, right? Or not.

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Year in Review: HRMI Makes Strides to Combat Discrimination, Violence Against Women

In 2019, HRMI focused on the protection of fundamental human rights in Lithuania, the prevention of domestic violence, victims' rights, prohibition of discrimination at work, and mental health.
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​More Transparency Needed During Copyright Debate

The European Commission should be fully transparent as it creates guidelines for implementing the new Copyright Directive, which should include safeguards for fundamental rights.
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Croatia "Cruel and Violent" in Handling Migration

Human rights violations of migrants are occurring daily across Croatia. Now organisations are calling for an end to these illegal practices.
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Hungarian Anti-Civil Society Law Takes a Blow in Luxembourg

The Hungarian act requiring a part of civil society organizations to register as "foreign funded organizations" violates EU law, said the Advocate General competent in the matter at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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LDH Report Looks at How to Improve Links Between Prisoners and their Loved Ones

As most people were spending Christmas and New Year’s with their families, people in prison were not so lucky. Incarceration impacts not just prisoners but their loved ones as well.

NGOs Urge EU to Act on Poland Eroding the Rule of Law

We have now reached the unprecedented and frightening stage at which Polish judges are being harassed through multiple arbitrary disciplinary investigations. The EU must act now.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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​Civicus Monitoring Report: Civic Space Trends Worsening

Civic space for activism has lost further ground worldwide since last year: today, only three per cent of the world’s population lives in countries with open civic space.

The Best We've Got: Speechbag - Episode 1

Dogs are great, but they are not more important to our democratic way of life than, well, democracy. But the groups that help maintain our democracy are under attack — even in Germany. Dogs are not impressed, and neither are we.
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Spain Continued to Fail in Human Rights Protection in 2019

Rights International Spain has released its annual report on human rights, with the reports and resolutions by international bodies about the human rights and civil liberties situation in the country.

Freedom of Expression

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​Internet Companies Should Be Taking Their Fair Share of the Burden

At Liberties we realize that some of our readers have concerns with our #YourDataYourBusiness campaign that many other people may share. So we decided to run an “advocacy officer replies” article series. Read the responses of our advocacy officer. Part 2.

Quiz: Digital Rights in Numbers for 2019

Data is king and this is especially true for online advertisers. Are you aware of the vast amounts of data we give away for free to advertising technology companies in return for invading our privacy? Try our quiz to find out!
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ECtHR Demands Explanation on Uncontrolled Polish Intelligence Practices

The European Court of Human Rights has demanded that the Polish Government explain why its intelligence agencies conduct uncontrolled surveillance of its citizens.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Open Letter: Privacy Cannot Be a Luxury

​On the 8th January, over 50 organisations from every corner of the globe asked Google to stop manufacturers and vendors using android phones to exploit people who can’t afford the latest iPhone. Liberties was one of those organisations.

Quiz: #YourSexLifeYourBusiness

Do you want online advertisers to know all about your sexual preferences? Take our quiz to learn how you can do something to stop them finding out!
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Call for Croatia to Be Kept out of Schengen Until it Improves Asylum Practices

Croatia has received the green light from the European Commission to enter the border-free Schengen Area, but nine organisations and initiatives working with the victims of border violence have made their objections clear.

Asylum and Migration

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Bodies Under Suspicion: the Human Cost of Racial Profiling

A recent report based on personal experiences, denounces how racial profiling is a common police practice in Spain and proposes measures to tackle it.

Hungarian State Media Condemned for Lying about Civil Society Organisation

The youth organisation of the smaller governing party in Hungary must apologise to Menedék, the Hungarian Association for Migrants, at a press conference after the NGOs reputation was damaged by comments the party's spokesperson made via state media.
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Journalists Cannot be Barred from Hungarian Refugee Camps

The Hungarian state violated a journalist's rights by not letting him enter the territory of any of the country's refugee camps, affirmed the European Court of Human Rights. The journalist, Illés Szurovecz, was represented by HCLU in Strasbourg.