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#WeDecide: Why Do We Want to Live in a Democracy? Part 2.

Chances are, your life is deeply affected by your social, cultural and economic environment. If you aren't allowed to participate in the decisions that affect that environment, others will be the masters of your life.
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School Textbooks Enforce Gender Stereotypes

The Lithuanian Equal Rights Ombudsperson's Office and a panel of experts has examined 32 textbooks for Grade 6 and 7 students and confirmed that they teach children gender stereotypes.

In Focus

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Democracy in the EU?

Do you know enough to defend European democracy in a debate? Find out with this week's democracy quiz.
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The Church Stands Up for Refugee Rights

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" – the story of the Good Samaritan who helps a suffering traveller inspires us to show solidarity towards strangers. The Church has a tradition of providing shelter to those in need. Now, this tradition makes it a target.
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#WeDecide: Why Do We Want to Live in a Democracy? Part 1.

Even though authoritarianism and populism is on the rise, the public’s commitment to democracy is still quite high. But is democracy worthy of our support? And why? What good reasons can we have for wanting to live in a democracy?

You React

Rights Protection by the EU

157 articles

ECHR Condemns Romania for Refusing To Provide Education to a Detainee

In a Romanian prison, access to secondary education was refused for an inmate based on cost arguments. Read the takeaways of the related ECHR case about guaranteeing access to education for people in the penitentiary system.

​Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Vote Video 2.

Don’t buy into familiar, feeble arguments against the European Union. Instead, embrace and support your democracy by exercising your right to vote.
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Freedoms of NGOs

79 articles

Hungarian Constitutional Court Abandons NGOs in Stop Soros Decision

In a ruling against a complaint submitted by Amnesty International Hungary, the Hungarian Constitutional Court has declared that Stop Soros is not unconstitutional. HCLU agrees with Amnesty that this decision means the court has abandoned civil society.

U.S. Secretary of State Meets Hungarian Civil Society Leaders

In a move that sends a clear and important message to Orban’s regime, the U.S. secretary of state requested a meeting with Hungarian human rights defenders.
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Pressure Mounts on Hungary and Poland Over Rule of Law Concerns

France and Germany have presented a joint call asking for formal hearings under Article 7 in the Council, to take place in June after the elections, on the serious threats to fundamental values in Hungary and Poland.

Freedom of Expression

100 articles

Refusal to Prosecute Author for Insulting Historical Legacy "Correct", Court Finds

The Vilnius Regional Court has found that prosecutors correctly refused to launch an investigation into Marius Ivaškevičius's novel "Žali", and that prosecuting the author for his postmodernist work was impermissible in a democracy.

Copyright Directive Passes, But Fight Against Upload Filters Isn’t Over

The European Parliament has passed a new copyright regulation promising to give content creators fair pay for their work, but a controversial part of the law also threatens free speech and the free and open internet in Europe.
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Hungary and Croatia Try to Silence Slovenian Media

Government connections in two of Slovenia's neighbours try to influence media reports in the country, but Slovenia reacts strongly, showing a more progressive approach to freedom of the press.

Privacy and Surveillance

59 articles

The Big Democracy Quiz

Get ready for our new article series on democracy with our latest quiz. Learn why democracy is a worthy thing to fight for.

Irish Government Must Do More to Protect Women Despite Abortion Victory

The introduction of long-awaited abortion services in Ireland was marred by anti-choice protests and problems with the new legislation. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) is calling for safe zones and changes to the legislation.
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Croatian Police Force Migrants to Make Fascist Salute

As a group of refugees were trying to cross from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian police officers stopped them and forced them to shout football slogans and make the salute of the fascist Ustasha regime while filming them.

Asylum and Migration

123 articles

Germany: A New Immigration Bill Threatens Civil Society

Germany proudly calls itself a “Rechtsstaat”, a state based on justice and integrity that respects the rule of law. However, a new draft bill by Germany’s interior minister that intends, among others, to criminalize migrant helpers suggests otherwise.

Human Rights Commissioner Denounces Italy Over Migration

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic, has expressed her concern about Italy’s new immigration policy in a letter to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.
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EU Extends its ‘Naval’ Operation With Planes Only

The European Union has decided to extend the mandate of its naval operation by six months, suspending naval assets and relying on increased air missions and cooperation with the Libyan Coast Guard.