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Nominees Announced for the Sakharov Prize 2017

The nominees for the Sakharov Prize 2017 have been announced. The award honoring freedom of thought is given out annually by the European Parliament.
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Police Brutality Remains a Serious Problem in Belgium, Thanks in Part to Judges

The indifference some Belgian judges have shown to cases involving unlawful use of force by police officers is a recurring problem that helps allow the abuse to continue.

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Anti-Torture Body Warns Italy Over Prisons Overcrowding & Conditions

Liberties member Antigone agrees with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture's critical report of Italy for overcrowding in the country's prisons, as well for the many cases of ill treatment and the excessive use of solitary confinement.
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Free Speech Under Threat from New EU Rules - Policy Note

EU governments and the European Parliament are finalising new rules about television, on-demand and video sharing services. Our policy note covers the main problems and offers some solutions to EU decision-makers.
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Dutch Choir Guilty of Discriminating Against Woman in Wheelchair

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has ruled that a choir has discriminated against a woman in a wheelchair by denying her a spot as a choir member.
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Lithuania Continues Mass Collection of Personal Data Under Invalid EU Directive

Even though the EU directive requiring such measures has been struck down more than two years ago, Lithuanian laws are still awaiting review and the authorities continue to collect personal data on a mass scale.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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Spain's Arrest of Erdoğan Critic Sends Wrong Signal on Civil Liberties

The recent arrest in Spain of a critic of the Turkish government sends a message that police forces in EU countries are still all too willing to do the bidding of authoritarian regimes.

Sofia Orthodox Theologian Guilty of Incitement to Discrimination Against Non-Christian Group

A court in the Bulgarian capital has ruled the head of a church's religious studies group is guilty of incitement to discrimination against a spiritual group that focuses on yoga and meditation.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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​Commission replies to Hungarian NGOs’ and Liberties’ joint letter on Hungary

Hungarian NGOs and Liberties recently asked the Commission to take three measures to protect the rule of law and the freedom of NGOs in Hungary and across the EU. Here's our assessment of the Commission's reply.

Romanian NGOs on Tenterhooks as Government Takes Aim at Civil Liberties

2017 began with perhaps the greatest achievement in public demonstration since the overthrow of Ceausescu, but NGOs now face a fight for their survival.
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Hungarian NGOs Stand Together to Protest NGO Law in Court

23 Hungarian NGOs have filed a joint appeal to the Hungarian Constitutional Court against the law stigmatising NGOs.

Freedom of Expression

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TV Reporter Attacked While Filming in Poland's Białowieża Forest

The journalist was beaten for filming a story about the logging activity in the Białowieża Forest, which has been banned by both the UN and the European Court of Justice.

Here's Why Your Free Speech Is So Important

Freedom of speech is necessary to hold governments to account, but it is under threat in Europe. Here’s why this right is so important, and what Liberties is doing to protect it.
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Community Service for Threatening the Dutch Prime Minister

A woman from Leiden, the Netherlands, was convicted for threatening the Prime Minister.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Polish Government Puts NGOs Under Surveillance

Liberties member the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Helsinki Committee in Poland expressed their utmost concern over the government's surveillance of non-governmental organizations.

Serious Security Gap Identified in Spain's Judicial Communications System

Rights International Spain has raised its concerns with the UN experts on privacy and judicial independence over a failure in the Ministry of Justice's electronic communications system that could have allowed any user to access any judicial file.
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​Hungary and Slovakia lose migrant quota case against the EU

EU migrant relocation quotas declared legal and challenges against it by Slovakia and Hungary dismissed in EU court ruling on Wednesday.

Asylum and Migration

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Watch: Finnish 'Grandmother' Helps Troubled Toddler Find Peace

A young girl arrives in Finland with her father after fleeing Iraq, still trying to cope with the loss of her mother. In this strange new home, the girl finds an unexpected source of comfort and guidance.

Watch: Poland Is Closing Its Borders to Refugees

The number of applications for international protection in Poland decreased considerably in 2016, according to official statistics from the Border Guard. But there is disagreement as to why.
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Dutch State Prosecuted in 'Afghan 1F'ers' Asylum Case

Hundreds of Afghans in the Netherlands have been declared 1F asylum applicants due to the presumption that they committed war crimes. They are barred from obtaining a residence permit and cannot return to their country.