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Chechen Refugees Unlawfully Refused Entry to Poland, Rules ECtHR

Chechen asylum seekers, who had repeatedly been refused an opportunity to file applications for international protection by the Polish Border Guard, have successfully challenged Poland at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
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Free Media Nearly Over in Hungary

Media in Hungary is now almost completely under government control after Index staff quit in protest against the editor’s sacking.

In Focus

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Germany Assumes EU Presidency at Critical Juncture for Our Rights and Democracy

Germany gets to set the upcoming agenda for the EU Council, and we have a number of things we’d like them to work on in order to build a stronger, more democratic European community.
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To Create a Democratic, Fair & Innovative Digital Society, EU Must Protect Users’ Rights

Human rights and digital rights groups issue a joint statement urging the European Commission to make human rights a priority for big online platforms.
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Quiz: What Do You Know About Tracing Apps?

Coronavirus contact-tracing apps are being launched across Europe. Do you know more about the app than it knows about you?

Rights Protection by the EU

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CJEU: Employers Cannot Discriminate Between Disabled Employees

In the opinion of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Advocate General, EU law prohibits employers from favoring one set of employees over another within a group of disabled employees.

LDH Report: Belgian Police Abusing Power During Lockdown

After being alerted by stories of police violence and misconduct on social media, in newspapers, and people on the ground, Police Watch, LDH’s observatory on police violence, decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness about police abuse.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Hungary's Restrictive Legislation on Financing NGOs Does Not Comply With EU Law: European Court of Justice

The Court of Justice rules against Orban's 2017 law aimed at shutting Hungary's citizens out of their democracy by discrediting and defunding rights and democracy activists. The case teaches the EU 3 lessons to protect our democracies from authoritarians.

Slovenia: New Government Restricts Rights of Environmental Groups

The new government has restricted access to public participation and justice for environmental non-governmental organisations.
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Overly Long Court Procedures Are Systemic: HFHR Research

In an attempt to assess the changes that have taken place in the justice system in the aftermath of Rutkowski case, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has conducted a survey among lawyers on the excessive length of court proceedings.

Freedom of Expression

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Two People in Hungary Detained for Their Political Views

Hungarian police detained two people for posting their views on Facebook after Viktor Orbán's government passed a law restricting the rules on spreading fake news, claiming it was necessary to protect against the pandemic.

How To Talk About Human Rights During Covid-19

This guide offers suggestions on how to frame human rights when speaking about measures that authorities are taking (or failing to take) to halt the spread and minimise the impact of coronavirus.
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Italian Regulations May not be Robust Enough to Protect Rights as COVID-19 Tracking Apps Come in

Although many people seem to support the idea of relinquishing some rights to protect public health, the Italian government must ensure that the systems are strong enough to not let these changes become permanent.

Privacy and Surveillance

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The End of Mass Surveillance: German Constitutional Court Strengthens Basic Rights Abroad

Civil rights and liberties extend beyond borders: Germany’s highest Constitutional Court declares that the Federal Intelligence Service’s practice of worldwide mass surveillance is unconstitutional.

Open Letter Calls for Belgium to Track COVID-19 Not Its Citizens

An initiative of the Belgium League of Human Rights (LDH) has brought together more than 300 public figures who have signed an open letter to the Parliament and political leaders to raise concerns about the implementation of a COVID-19 tracing system.
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Belgium: Right To International Protection for Refugees Undermined by ECtHR

In a case involving Belgium's refusal to grant humanitarian visas to a Syrian family, the European Court of Human Rights stated that Belgium was not obliged to comply with the European Convention of Human Rights as the family applied outside of Belgium.

Asylum and Migration

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Racism in a Pandemic

The UN established 21 March as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year, the media is in thrall to a pandemic that is ravaging the world and occupying the centre of social interest.

Communities on the Rise

In a strong community, people are willing to engage in activities that help other people. This improves everyone’s quality of life and makes people less lonely – Kussay Chichakly
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The New Asylum and Migration Pact: An Opportunity Seized, or Squandered?

After years of treating asylum and migration in crisis mode, we believe the proposed Pact on Asylum and Migration is an opportunity for the EU and its member states to change direction.