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Hungary Restricts People's Right to Protest

The space for public protests and assembly is severely limited under a new law recently adopted by the Hungarian Parliament.
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Positive Trends in Hopeful Mid-Year Report on Italy's prisons

Criminal activity has not increased. The number of foreign detainees is decreasing. The measures adopted to foster the inclusion of foreigners are showing results.

In Focus

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Weekly Liberties Quiz - Which Dog Breed Are You?

Ah the life of a dog... cuddles, treats and long walks. Sounds good, right?
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Beyond Surrender: Issues Surround Use of European Arrest Warrant in Lithuania

A new study by Liberties member the Human Rights Monitoring Institute finds ongoing issues with the application of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) in Lithuania.

You React

Rights Protection by the EU

107 articles

Dutch Legal Heavyweights Visit Poland to Show Support for Judiciary

Judges must speak out if judicial independence and the Rule of Law are threatened.

Italy Marches With Pride in Defense of LGBTI Rights

All over Italy, people are marching to improve visibility, acceptance, legal protections and rights for LGBTI people.
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Freedoms of NGOs

70 articles

Independent Media Under Threat as Czech Republic Tilts Towards Populism

Dogged by corruption and fraud allegations, Andrej Babiš is nevertheless getting a second crack at ruling the Czech Republic. This is bad news for civil liberties groups and independent media.

European Commission Fails to Deliver on Freedoms Fund

The European Parliament asked the Commission to create a new fund to support human rights groups in the EU. The Commission has failed to deliver. We compare what the Parliament asked for to what the Commission gave it.
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Italian Government's Plan Is a Vendetta Without Justice

The Five Star Movement-Lega government contract contains a number of red flags, warns Giuseppe Mosconi, professor of sociology of law and president of Antigone Veneto.

Freedom of Expression

55 articles

​EP Votes Against Copyright Reform With Built-in Censorship Machine

Members of the European Parliament rejected the Copyright Directive proposal in its current form, leaving time until September to find a free speech-friendly solution instead of the proposed upload filtering.

Children Detained, Journalists Arrested: Belgium Accelerates Threats to Basic Rights

The arrest of a TV crew covering a peaceful protest against the opening of a new detention center for families raises serious concerns about Belgium's compliance with the freedom of information.
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Sweden's Bulk Interception of Communications Doesn't Violate Rights

Human rights judges have rejected a mass electronic snooping complaint against Sweden.

Privacy and Surveillance

48 articles

​Digital Rights NGO Calls for Independent Audit on Facebook Data Processing

Facebook should undergo an independent audit of its data processing accompanied by a global human rights assessment, digital rights organization Access Now argues.

Professional Secrecy Seriously Threatened in Belgium

Thanks to new legal changes, it is now possible to lift professional secrecy - the duty of confidentiality of professionals like doctors and prosecutors - in some cases.
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EU Outlines Refugee Resettlement Options

The European Commission has presented two concept papers to create “centres” in Europe and “platforms” in Africa with the ultimate goal from preventing people from risking their lives by crossing the Mediterranean by boat.

Asylum and Migration

77 articles

European Citizens’ Initiative 'Welcoming Europe' Launched in Italy

​"We are a welcoming Europe, let us help!": The first European Citizens’ Initiative to empower a welcoming Europe has been launched.

Understanding the 'Worried Centre' in Italy

Seventy-two percent of Italians believe in the right of asylum and the right to find refuge in other countries, including Italy, according to a new study.
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​Commission Refers Hungary’s Asylum and Return Legislation to Top EU Court

The European Commission decided to refer Hungary to the European Court of Justice for non-compliance of its asylum and return legislation with EU law. On top of this, an infringement against Stop Soros law was launched by the EU’s executive body.