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Terrorism & a Bar Fight in Spain

You are in a bar and you get involved in a fight with off-duty police officers. One month after you are arrested and charged with terrorism related offences. What? Is this possible? Read the case of Altsasu (Navarre, Spain).
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​EU Steps Up Action Against Hungarian Government For Violations

As the European Parliament debated the deterioration of rights, democratic standards and the rule of law in Hungary, the Commission announced it was stepping up action on three court cases, including the case on Fidesz's anti-NGO law.

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Harsher Punishments for Sharing Drugs in Lithuania

Lack of a coherent drug policy and poorly thought out changes to the criminal law in Lithuania ended in shambles – sharing a gram of cannabis with friends may now result in a real prison sentence.
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EU Prepares New Plan to Settle Disputes Over Migrants

Mandatory migrant quotas are politically dead, so the question now is whether the EU has the courage to discuss the new plan proposed by the Estonian presidency.
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#MeAndMyRights: Privacy Is Not a Right to Hide

Governments tell us that if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear from mass surveillance. Why is this misleading and devious argument so powerful? How can we beat it?
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Some Lithuanian MPs Wish to Ban Gender Reassignment

Lithuania may soon become the only country in Europe to ban gender reassignment.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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Rights Activists Propose Alternative Italy Budget

What would Italy's state budget look like if civil society had the final say? Sbilanciamoci! answers this question by gathering the contributions of dozens of NGOs.

Constitutional Tribunal Issues 2 Important Rulings on Changes to Poland's Judiciary

NGOs find one of the decisions, which concern the latest reforms to the judiciary, particularly troubling.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Romania Moves to Muzzle Civil Society Groups

A new bill aims to reduce human rights groups' access to both private and public funding while simultaneously burdening them with increased administrative tasks to undermine their work.

HCLU Prevails in Court Against Propagandist Journalist

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union has won its case against a pro-government journalist who had brought the organisation to court for refusing to release data that were not public interest, and so need not be released.
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Italy Challenged on Slow Progress Combating Torture in Prisons

Italy's government was asked tough questions during the review of its implementation of the Convention against Torture. Detainees' rights and state authorities' use of torture remain problematic areas.

Freedom of Expression

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#ToObeyOrNotToObey: Anarchism

If nobody has been smart enough in the last 2,500 years to answer the question of why should we obey the laws, is there something wrong with the question?

Over 100 Postcards Tell Romanian MEPs: No to Link Tax & Internet Censorship!

Romanians are sending a clear message to decision-makers: We don’t want link taxes and upload filters! There is still time to tell your MEPs that the proposal does NOT fit the current digital environment.
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Free-Speech Pitfall Avoided in EU Copyright Reform

Free speech won an important battle in the copyright reform debate in the European Parliament, though many threats to our rights remain.

Privacy and Surveillance

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#MeAndMyRights: Mass Surveillance Is Like a Chocolate Teapot

Why? Because it's useless and it's dangerous. Only traditional methods of gathering intelligence have helped security services stop terrorism. Mass surveillance, which doesn't produce results, is draining resources away from tools that actually work.

Italy to Store Phone & Web Data for 6 Years - a Grave Threat to Privacy

Italy's new data retention law authorises the storage of phone and web data for up to 6 years, far beyond the timeframe allowed under the previous regulation.
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Italian Navy Under Investigation for Failure to Act During 2013 Migrant Boat Sinking

Officers of Italy's Navy and Coast Guard are under investigation for their failure to rescue hundreds of migrants during a 2013 shipwreck near Lampedusa.

Asylum and Migration

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Humanitarian Corridors Are Renewed After Their Success Saving Lives

The project created in 2015 to avoid new tragedies in the Mediterranean has been renewed. The first group of refugees could land at Rome's airport by the end of November.

​85,000 People Sign to Support a Humane Immigration Law in Italy

In six months, activists collected 85,000 signatures in support of a new immigration law. The signatures have been submitted to Parliament to bring pressure on politicians to back a more humane system.
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Torture Committee Slams Italy Over Migration Deal With Libya

The United Nations Committee Against Torture is evaluating Italy's compliance with the Convention against Torture, with particular focus on its migration deal with Libya.