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Poorly Drafted Amendments Threaten Free Speech in Lithuania

Lithuania is seeking to amend the Law on VIP Protection by including provisions for protecting the authority of the country's leadership, amendments that could threaten free speech and the freedom of expression.
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Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Facial Recognition surveillance?

A decade ago, it was the mass deployment of CCTV cameras across public spaces across the world. Now, it's facial recognition surveillance. Test yourself on how much you know about this technology and its threats to your freedoms and rights.

In Focus

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Cameroonian Man Persecuted for being Gay Granted Refugee Status In Italy

The Court of Palermo has overturned the decision of the Territorial Commission and finally granted refugee status to a young man from Cameroon who suffered persecution in his country because he was in a homosexual relationship.
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Romanian Human Rights Association to Scupper Government Plans to Control NGOs

The Romanian Government has created a tool for challenging NGOs that may oppose its agenda under the guise of monitoring how they spend money received from citizens through tax donations.

You React

Rights Protection by the EU

115 articles

Croatian Shipyard Workers Strike due to Unpaid Wages

More that 3,500 workers from the Uljanik shipyard have protested on the streets of Pula because they have not received their paychecks.

Hungary Restricts People's Right to Protest

The space for public protests and assembly is severely limited under a new law recently adopted by the Hungarian Parliament.
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Freedoms of NGOs

72 articles

Independent Media Under Threat as Czech Republic Tilts Towards Populism

Dogged by corruption and fraud allegations, Andrej Babiš is nevertheless getting a second crack at ruling the Czech Republic. This is bad news for civil liberties groups and independent media.

European Commission Fails to Deliver on Freedoms Fund

The European Parliament asked the Commission to create a new fund to support human rights groups in the EU. The Commission has failed to deliver. We compare what the Parliament asked for to what the Commission gave it.
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What next for Hungary's government after Parliament vote?

The European Parliament just voted to activate an emergency procedure designed to safeguard basic protections for democracy and civil liberties.

Freedom of Expression

63 articles

​ Fališ Festival: Making Tourism Good for Everyone

Fališ Festival, a Festival focusing on left and alternative Ideas is taking place in in Šibenik, Croatia, from 5-8 September 2018. This year the focus is on how tourism affects income, quality of life and conservation.

​EP Votes Against Copyright Reform With Built-in Censorship Machine

Members of the European Parliament rejected the Copyright Directive proposal in its current form, leaving time until September to find a free speech-friendly solution instead of the proposed upload filtering.
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Man Convicted for Inciting Violence Against Saint Nicholas

A man from Utrecht, the Netherlands, has been convicted for inciting violence against Saint Nicolas on social media.

Privacy and Surveillance

53 articles

Shutdown Risk Profiling System, Groups Tell Dutch Government

The largest trade union of the Netherlands, FNV, joins a coalition of civil society organizations and individuals who are demanding the Dutch government put a stop to SyRI, a risk profile system.​

Dutch Tax Authority Violates Law by Processing Personal ID Numbers

The Tax and Customs Administration has no legal basis to use the citizen service number in the VAT identification number of self-employed persons. This practice must be stopped as soon as possible.
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Two-year-old Ivorian child reunited with his parents in Italy

In July, a Palermo court ruled that a two-year-old Ivorian child, who had been stranded in Ivory Coast and separated from his family in Europe, had the right to be immediately readmitted to Italy and reunited with his parents.

Asylum and Migration

81 articles

EU Outlines Refugee Resettlement Options

The European Commission has presented two concept papers to create “centres” in Europe and “platforms” in Africa with the ultimate goal from preventing people from risking their lives by crossing the Mediterranean by boat.

​Commission Refers Hungary’s Asylum and Return Legislation to Top EU Court

The European Commission decided to refer Hungary to the European Court of Justice for non-compliance of its asylum and return legislation with EU law. On top of this, an infringement against Stop Soros law was launched by the EU’s executive body.
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Hungary's New Immigration Tax: Pay if You Have a Different Opinion

Critics of the new tax say it is intended solely to disrupt the work of NGOs and others who don’t share the government’s opinion on migration.