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​German Ban on Leftist Internet Platform Violates Media Freedom

The Society for Civil Rights has submitted a Brief as a "friend of the court" on the ban of the left-wing portal linksunten.indymedia. The ban is crucial for media freedom in Germany.
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Survival Guide to Authoritarianism - Episode 4

See through the cheap tricks of populists: there is no constant fear and chaos in Europe. Fake danger only serves the interest of those with authoritarian ambitions. Watch the 4th episode of our Survival Guide to Authoritarianism.

In Focus

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Italy at a Crossroads on Assisted Suicide

The Italian Constitutional Court is to rule of the legitimacy of a provision that punishes people who help others to commit suicide
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Asylum Applications Back to Pre-2015 Levels

The number of migrants arriving in Europe is back to pre-2015 levels, but far-right leaders are still using anti-immigration rhetoric to advance their agenda. Meanwhile, the journey for migrants and refugees becomes ever more dangerous.
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Victory for Freedom of Expression in Ireland

Ireland has voted to repeal an outdated law on blasphemy. However, the country has a long way to go to with free speech. It now urgently needs to enact legislation on hate crime, which is a major problem in Ireland.
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You React

Rights Protection by the EU

131 articles

ECtHR Rules Against Italy in Transgender Name Dispute

Human rights judges have declared Italy was wrong to stop a transgender person from changing her male forename prior to surgery.

Italy elected UN Human Rights Council: Time to put its Money where its Mouth is

Italy was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council with 180 votes. For the countries of the Western European group three places were allocated and there were three candidates, meaning there are no defeated countries in the European Union area.
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Freedoms of NGOs

75 articles

Irish Civil Society Groups Launch Campaign to Save 'The People’s Voice'

A coalition of Irish NGOs launched their campaign to reform the Electoral Act, which they say is stifling civil society by prohibiting international funding and domestic donations of over €2,500.

More Than 80 Organisations Urge EU to Fund Rights and Democracy Groups

Today Liberties sent a letter signed by 80 organisations to the European Commission and European Council asking the EU to create a new fund to support rights and democracy groups across Europe.
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Croatian Government Called on to stop Attacking Civil Society

Encouraged by the verdict issued to the Are You Syrious volunteer, Platform 112 has expressed concern over long-term pressure from the Ministry of the Interior towards activists, volunteers and all those who support refugees.

Freedom of Expression

75 articles

Croatian Reporter Fired for Voicing Discontent

In response to the extraordinary dismissal of Hrvoje Zovko and the current situation at Croatian Radio-television, the Croatian Journalists' Association sent an open letter to domestic and international institutions and organisations.

Lithuanian Authorities Try to Limit Freedom of Speech again

The Lithuanian government rejected draft amendments to the law that would have allowed journalists continued free access to information held by the Centre of Registers. The audio recording of the government hearing on this issue was destroyed.
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There’s No Hope for Freedom Where There Is No Free Press

Although the attitudes of authoritarians haven't changed all the much over time, the media landscape has. It's now more accessible – and ripe for abuse – than ever before.

Privacy and Surveillance

54 articles

Landmark Mass Surveillance Ruling Affects Europeans Far Beyond UK Borders

The European Court of Human Rights has brought a decision of key concern to the collection of data in Europe. The ECHR has declared that the mass surveillance by the United Kingdom violated the rights to privacy and family life.

Facial Recognition Surveillance a Threat to Law-Abiding Citizens

The use of facial recognition surveillance is becoming widespread across Europe, and those who stand to lose the most are law-abiding citizens, not criminals.
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Infographic: Migration into the EU

The number of migrants arriving to Europe is back to pre-2015 levels, but far-right leaders all over Europe are still using anti-immigration rhetoric to advance their agenda. Meanwhile, the journey for migrants and refugees becomes ever more dangerous....

Asylum and Migration

92 articles

Far Right Italian Mayor Cuts School Subsidies for Foreign Children

After the mayor of an Italian city denied school lunch subsidies to children of non-EU citizens, donors stepped in to support the affected pupils and their families.

Activists Face Up to 10 Years in Prison for Helping Migrants Cross Border

Seven individuals are facing potential incarceration for helping migrants in danger in Briançon in the French Alps. Bastien, Benoit, Eléonora, Juan, Lisa, Mathieu and Théo risk up to 10 years in prison.
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Tunisian Fishermen Released Because "Libya is not a Safe Haven"

Six Tunisian fishermen that towed a migrant boat to Italy and were arrested for people smuggling have been released by an Italian court.