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Five Italian Activists Taken Into Custody by Russian Police

Five Italian activists from civil society organizations were arrested yesterday by police in Ninzhny Novogorod, Russia, as they took part in an exchange project on the role of civil society.
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Children Wait as Italy Debates Urgently Needed Change to Citizenship Law

A welcoming country for decades, Italy is now home to 5 million foreigners. But the government's welcome doesn't include citizenship for their children, even if they are born in the country.

European Parliament: Adopt a Resolution to Protect Freedom of NGOs in Hungary

Civil society is under attack in Hungary, where NGOs are being targeted because they stand up to the government's abuse of power. Sign our petition and call on the European Parliament to take action against Orban government.

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Human Dignity Cast Aside as Italy Debates Mob Boss's Prison Sentence

Heated debate has broken out across Italy about the sentence of Salvatore Riina, possibly the most notorious mafia boss alive, whose health suggests that house arrest would be a more just form of detention.
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​Italy Stands #WithRefugees to Celebrate World Refugee Day

The situation of refugees is not just the political issue that the general public has come to know - it is and always will be a human issue. To celebrate World Refugee Day, Italy is holding a series of eye-opening events across the country.
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OSCE: Netherlands Must Do More to Ensure Voting Rights of the Disabled

Assistance in the voting booth for persons with a physical disability should be improved, the organization says, and the ballot should be redesigned to aid those with a visual impairment.
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Women: The Invisible Inmates in Italy's Prisons

Neither the general public nor penitentiary authorities give enough attention to the specific needs of female detainees in Italian prisons.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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What Is 'Family'? Romania Embroiled in Constitutional Debate

Families should be for everyone, not only for couples made up of a man and a woman. 100 civil society organizations and citizens of Romania want to stop a referendum aimed at further restricting the constitutional definition of "family."

Lithuania May Allow Individuals to Appeal to the Constitutional Court

At present, an individual is not allowed to petition the Constitutional Court to hear their case, but the Parliament is currently discussing draft laws that would change this.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Taking a Cue From Hungary, Romania Moves to Persecute NGOs

The ruling party of Romania wants to shut down all NGOs that do not publish reports on their revenues and expenses twice per year.

NGOs Face a Witch Hunt Over Their Life-Saving Work in the Mediterranean

Accused by public figures and media outlets of colluding with human traffickers, NGOs operating in the Mediterranean are now forced to justify what they do.
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​HCLU’s Boycott: Hungary’s Unlawful NGO Act Is Bound to Fail

The widely criticised Hungarian law on NGO financing was passed by the parliament on Tuesday. The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union denounces the unlawful NGO Act and calls for civil disobedience against it!

Freedom of Expression

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Czech Children Lack Protection Without Their Own Ombudsman

The Czech Republic is one of the last EU countries that does not have a children's ombudsman, meaning there is no institution to oversee the protection and enforcement of children's rights in the country.

Diversity Media Awards 2017 Celebrate Diversity in Italy & Beyond

Meet the winners of the Diversity Media Awards 2017! The event, known as the "Italian LGBTI Oscars," awards media outlets that celebrate diversity in their work.
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What Are the Limits of the Polish Justice Minister’s Freedom to Criticize Judges?

This is the very question the Regional Court in Warsaw needs to answer in deciding a personal interests protection action brought by district court judge Justyna Koska-Janusz against the minister of justice.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Hacking Legislation Must Be Amended, Privacy Groups Tell Italian Lawmakers

A new bill currently under consideration in Parliament includes regulations on government-sponsored hacking, but watchdogs say the language needs changing to protect citizens' right to privacy.

UN Expert Sharply Criticizes Worldwide Surveillance Practices

In a recently published report, the UN special rapporteur on privacy criticizes the US and other countries for snooping on citizens' data with the deceitful excuse of increasing security.
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Deprived of Liberty, Migrants in Italy Hope New Report Spurs Change

The monitoring report on facilities for migrants by the newly created Italian prisons ombudsman has been released, highlighting the flaws and issues of a system that is far from perfect.

Asylum and Migration

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In the Face of Police Violence, Six Heroes Refused to Remain Silent

The trial of the "six heroes" will begin on May 31 in Brussels. The six, passengers on a recent flight to Africa, are being prosecuted for speaking up to oppose police violence against a man being forcibly returned to Cameroon.

Croatian NGOs Decry Illegal Rejections of Asylum Applications

At least 30 cases have been recorded so far this year where a foreigner's application for asylum or humanitarian protection status in Croatia was denied for unsubstantiated security reasons.
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'Road to Nowhere': Court Rules for Chechen Refugee Denied Entry to Poland

A Polish court has found in favor of a refugee from Chechnya whose rights were violated upon attempting to enter Poland under international humanitarian protection.