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HCLU Prevails in Court Against Propagandist Journalist

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union has won its case against a pro-government journalist who had brought the organisation to court for refusing to release data that were not public interest, and so need not be released.
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Humanitarian Corridors Are Renewed After Their Success Saving Lives

The project created in 2015 to avoid new tragedies in the Mediterranean has been renewed. The first group of refugees could land at Rome's airport by the end of November.

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Over 100 Postcards Tell Romanian MEPs: No to Link Tax & Internet Censorship!

Romanians are sending a clear message to decision-makers: We don’t want link taxes and upload filters! There is still time to tell your MEPs that the proposal does NOT fit the current digital environment.
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Constitutional Tribunal Issues 2 Important Rulings on Changes to Poland's Judiciary

NGOs find one of the decisions, which concern the latest reforms to the judiciary, particularly troubling.
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Arrests Don't Deter Italian & Russian NGOs' Cooperation on Prisoners' Rights

NGOs from Italy and Russia have established a strong working relationship to share information and experiences in the field of prisoners rights. This cooperation comes despite the arrests of activists from the Italian NGO by Russian police.
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Strasbourg Court: ​Italy Guilty of Torture & Inhuman Treatment (Again)

The European Court of Human Rights has once again found Italy guilty of violating Article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights , which prohibits torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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#ToObeyOrNotToObey: Consent Theory

Consent theorists think that the obligation to obey the law can only come from voluntary acceptance. If it can be shown that we have consented to obey the laws, their case is made.

Bulgarian Deputy PM Guilty of Anti-Roma Hate Speech

Two Roma journalists have won their case against a far-right politician who gave a hate-filled speech on the floor of the Parliament three years ago.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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Hungarian NGOs Stand Together to Protest NGO Law in Court

23 Hungarian NGOs have filed a joint appeal to the Hungarian Constitutional Court against the law stigmatising NGOs.

​Commission replies to Hungarian NGOs’ and Liberties’ joint letter on Hungary

Hungarian NGOs and Liberties recently asked the Commission to take three measures to protect the rule of law and the freedom of NGOs in Hungary and across the EU. Here's our assessment of the Commission's reply.
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Czech Health Ministry Rejects EU Standards on Patients’ Freedom

Staff shortages in hospitals often lead to patients being tied down or given calming medication, and the country’s use of caged beds has been criticised internationally for 20 years. New guidelines from the Ministry still fail to meet EU standards.

Freedom of Expression

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​#ToObeyOrNotToObey: The Problem of Political Obligation

Most people (and we here at Liberties too) believe that we ought to obey the laws of our respective countries, not only for practical reasons - like avoiding punishment - but for moral reasons too. But sometimes breaking can be justified.

Article 13 Open letter – Monitoring and Filtering of Internet Content is Unacceptable

Here is the open letter from 57 signatories asking EU policy-makers to delete Article 13 of the new proposal on copyright in the digital single market.
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Strasbourg Court to Consider Case on Exhumation of Smolensk Crash Victims

The European Court of Human Rights will examine applications filed by families of victims of the Smolensk plane crash who oppose the exhumation of their loved ones’ bodies.

Privacy and Surveillance

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#MeAndMyRights: What Is Metadata & Why Should You Protect It?

Politicians arguing in favour of mass surveillance often make a distinction about the kind of information that they want to collect. They argue that just collecting our metadata, rather than content data, is fine. Let's look at that claim...

#MeAndMyRights: What Is Mass Surveillance?

'Mass' or 'dragnet' surveillance has been in the news a lot recently. Later episodes in the series will explain why this practice is such a problem. But to understand why mass surveillance is so bad, we first need to explain what it is. Here goes...
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​85,000 People Sign to Support a Humane Immigration Law in Italy

In six months, activists collected 85,000 signatures in support of a new immigration law. The signatures have been submitted to Parliament to bring pressure on politicians to back a more humane system.

Asylum and Migration

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Migrant Workers Add Billions of Euros to Italy's Economy

A new report debunks some myths about foreign workers: far from stealing the jobs of Italian citizens, migrants are actually beneficial for Italy's economy and pension system.

Atletico Diritti Takes the Field Once Again in the Name of Anti-Discrimination

Atletico Diritti, a very special football team composed of refugees, people in the criminal system and students, takes the pitch for its fourth season, playing in the name of integration, anti-racism and human rights for all.
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There's Fresh Hope for a Fairer Asylum System in Europe

A European Parliament committee has approved a new version of the Dublin Regulation, bringing new hope that a new and improved EU asylum system is on the way.