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Polish Supreme Court Under Attack as Crucial Vote Looms

The draft amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court, submitted on the evening of July 12, undermines the separation of powers and rule of law in Poland.
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Bulgarian NGOs Resist New Bill to Restrict Outside Funding for Judges' Groups

If the bill becomes law, organizations for magistrates, prosecutors and investigators would no longer be allowed to accept funding from foreign citizens or entities.

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Dutch Groups Launch 'Know Your Rights' Project for Asylum Seekers

Pro Bono Connect, New Dutch Connections, the NJCM, the Leiden Law Clinic and DLA Piper launched the Know Your Rights project; a project aimed at empowering young asylum seekers by introducing them into various legal topics.
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NGOs: No More Surveillance Technologies for Authoritarian Governments!

The export of surveillance equipment is becoming big business for Italian and international companies - business that puts activists and journalists working under authoritarian regimes in harm's way.

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Rights Protection by the EU

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Civil Society in Lithuania Urges MPs to Ratify Istanbul Convention

Almost 70 NGOs are urging Lithuanian MPs to better protect victims of domestic violence by complying with international obligations and ratifying the Council of Europe Convention combating violence against women.

Dutch Far-Right PVV Proposes to Lock Up Potential Terrorist Without Proof

Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV), has proposed a bill that calls for immediately arresting and detaining people who possibly present a threat to national safety, despite there being little or no evidence.
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Freedoms of NGOs

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​Joint Statement on Launch of Infringement Proceedings on Hungarian NGO Law

Liberties and Hungarian NGOs welcome the Commission's decision to launch infringement proceedings against Hungary, but we renew our call for a structural review of the retrogressive reforms that have taken place in Hungary since 2010.

FRA Director: 'Be More Vigorous' in Defending Civil Society

The director of the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, Michael O'Flaherty, spoke to Liberties about the problems of shrinking civil space, NGO financing in the EU and his agency's changing role when it comes to keeping up rights protection in Europe.
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Commission Starts Legal Proceedings Against Hungary Over 'NGO Law'

New registration, reporting and transparency requirements of the Hungarian “NGO law” violate EU fundamental rights law and rules on free movement of capital.

Freedom of Expression

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Lithuania Criticized After ECHR Ruling on Russian 'Homosexual Propaganda'

Following the Strasbourg court's condemnation of Russia's "propaganda law," a representative of the European Parliament urged the European Commission to review analogous regulations in Lithuania.

Legal Observers Sent to Amsterdam Port to Protect Right to Protest

The Public Interest Litigation Project recently sent legal observers to a demonstration at the port of Amsterdam in order ensure that the right to protest was fully respected by authorities.
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Here's Why Your Free Speech Is So Important

Freedom of speech is necessary to hold governments to account, but it is under threat in Europe. Here’s why this right is so important, and what Liberties is doing to protect it.

Privacy and Surveillance

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Can We Record the Police While They Work?

If you witnessed a crime, you would try to report it, right? But what if the crime you witnessed was being committed by police officers using excessive force? You might wonder: Am I allowed to take a picture or film it?

Privacy First Challenges Dutch License Plate Parking Scheme

In the Netherlands, we want to be able to park anonymously. We do not want registration of our license plate numbers and be forced to pay with our bank card.
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EU Should Tackle Poland's Unsafe Returns to Belarus

In defiance of the European Court of Human Rights, Poland continues to block asylum seekers at its border with Belarus.

Asylum and Migration

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Watch: Why Employing Refugees Is Good Business in Denmark

Rather than shutting our doors to refugees, we should be opening them and giving them work and a chance to contribute to society. It benefits all of us, and if you don't believe it, just watch and see for yourself.

Children Wait as Italy Debates Urgently Needed Change to Citizenship Law

A welcoming country for decades, Italy is now home to 5 million foreigners. But the government's welcome doesn't include citizenship for their children, even if they are born in the country.
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Spain Still Struggles to Fill Gaps in Its Fight Against Torture

From incommunicado detention to violence against women, there are many shortcomings in Spain's efforts to combat torture. The Spanish state will soon have to account for its actions, or lack thereof.