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Liberties' March Recap | Make the rule of law great again
Liberties' February Recap | Which historic legislative leaps took place in the EU this month?
Liberties' January Recap | How can elections & civic discourse be protected?
2024 will be the biggest global election year in history
Liberties' November Recap | Online Civic Space, Privacy-Friendly Political Advertising & Protests in Germany
Liberties' October Recap | Rule of law, Media Freedom Act & Polish Election
Liberties' September Recap | Media Freedom Act, AI Act Challenges & Knowledge Hub
Liberties’ August Recap | Back-to-school Edition: Activism, Environmentalism & the Right to Privacy
Liberties' July Recap | Is the EU Wearing Rose-Tinted Glasses? Gaps in Rule of Law Report, anti-SLAPP Directive and AI Act - this & more
Liberties' June Recap | AI Act is promising but gaps remain - this & more
Liberties' May Recap | Politicians Pining For Our Data & EU Makes a Retreat - this & more
Liberties' April Recap | Media freedom decline & CSO resistance - this & more

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