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Taste of Home: A Kitchen Run by Refugees Needs Your Help

Do you like African, Arabian or Middle Eastern cuisine? A new culinary collective run by refugees needs your help before it can start cooking some of the best food in town!

by Danela Žagar
The culinary social cooperative Taste of Home, based in Zagreb, gathers around 30 refugees and volunteers from Syria, Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Croatia to prepare delicious, authentic cuisine from their home countries. But it needs your help: the collective has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform to raise money for kitchen equipment.

You can help

Taste of Home needs 15,000 euros to buy all the basic kitchen appliances (refrigerator, bowls, blenders, ladles, packaging for delivery, etc.). If you are able to donate, Taste of Home kindly asks you to do so here, with donations as small as 4 euros.

As a thank you to all donors, Taste of Home offers a variety of perks depending on your contribution level, from promotional materials and cooking aprons to 6-day cooking courses for the largest givers. In addition to the campaign, public food festivals are being organized – the first one was on October 16 in Split, in cooperation with NGOs MOST and Info-zona.

Stretch the goal!

If the amount donated exceeds 15,000 euros, Taste of Home will buy a used car for food delivery. Additional funding would allow the collective to furnish a small restaurant near the kitchen area.

Taste of Home's crowdfunding campaign began on October 14 and will last until November 5. All announcements about activities can be found on Taste of Home's webpage and Facebook.

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