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New Survey Looks at Compulsory Care in Closed Institutions in Sweden

Civil Rights Defenders and the National Association for Social and Mental Health work with human rights and the situation in closed institutions. We expose shortcomings and contribute to the guarantee of respect for individuals' human rights.

by Civil Rights Defenders
In order to gather more information about how inmates perceive the care provided in closed institutions, we are conducting an annual survey, "Locked up, but not without rights," which began in November 2016.

The aim of the survey is to gather comments from people who have personally experienced compulsory care. The survey contains questions about the possibility to participate in the choice of treatment, experiences of coercion, patient safety, access to information about rights, and other issues related to the individual's human rights in compulsory care.

Results from the survey will be used to identify and note any potential human rights violations in closed institutions in Sweden. Because the survey is to be carried out on a yearly basis, we will follow how the situation develops over time. The results will be used in local, regional, national as well as international advocacy.

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