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Speechbag Podcast E01: Vax Pass, Anti-Vaxxers & Myth-Busting

Tune in to the first episode of speechbag, our brand new podcast. Let’s get up to speed about the hottest gear for our holiday travels. Also, why myth-busting vaccine conspiracy theories is not helpful.

by LibertiesEU

To help us – and our economies – get moving again, the EU has created the Digital COVID Certificate. Is it the one piece of gear you need to travel and enjoy a summer of sun and fun? Orsi Reich joins Speechbag to discuss the “green pass” – what it is, what it isn’t, and what threats it poses to our rights.

Israel Butler also joins the podcast to talk about how we communicate on the virus and vaccines. How do we get through to anti-vaxxers? Why should we be careful about myth-busting?

Host: Jonathan Day

Guests: Israel Butler, Head of Advocacy & Orsolya Reich, Senior Advocacy Officer

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