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After Heinous Paris Attacks, We Must Refuse to Be Guided by Fear

As voices across Europe condemn in the strongest terms the attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people, we must remember that more anti-terror laws will not make us - or our rights - any more secure.

by David Morelli
The outburst of savage and indiscriminate violence by the perpetrators of these attacks demonstrates their contempt for human life.

The attacks of the Islamic State have multiplied in recent months in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey. They left us with a feeling of dread, horror and revolt. Paris has is own way of life - carefree, cosmopolitan, free, open to the world – that is what has been targeted by the attacks. It is this that the cowardly terrorists attacked last Friday.

In this context, the Belgian League of Human Rights (LDH) first wishes to express its solidarity with the families of the victims and their relatives. LDH also believes that these painful events give understanding to the state of emergency imposed in France and the increased security measures put in place in Belgium.

Solidarity with refugees

However, LDH wishes to remind everyone that these measures, added to the already extremely wide authority granted by anti-terrorism legislation, must be applied only for a limited period necessary to address the urgency of the crisis, and done so in a manner respecting the rule of law. And they should be no stigma on any particular part of the population.

LDH also remains convinced that the defense of the freedom to live in security will be more effective if it is coupled with a solidarity with refugees fleeing areas where the terror, lived in Paris this Friday night, happens every day.

It will be more effective when imposed together with strengthened integration policies, promotion of multiculturalism and non-discrimination and greater reflection on the coherence of our foreign policy.

We must not be guided by fear

In this troubled and anxious time, LDH continues its outreach concerning the situation of refugees, working to break the amalgams that are likely to emerge from these heinous acts and the presence of refugees in Belgium and to push back against any stigmatization of the Muslim population.

These attacks clearly aim for our freedoms, our democratic values. They attempt to create a climate of terror throughout the population. We must refuse to fall into the trap: the terrorists want us to reduce fundamental freedoms and permanently change our way of life.

We reaffirm our will to live together and protect our freedoms.

We must refuse to be guided by fear because the killers must not win.