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To Create a Democratic, Fair & Innovative Digital Society, EU Must Protect Users’ Rights

Human rights and digital rights groups issue a joint statement urging the European Commission to make human rights a priority for big online platforms.

by Eva Simon

Our online ecosystem is currently controlled a few large online platforms. This means that they act not only as economic gatekeepers, but as gatekeepers of the fundamental rights of the users. But the European Commission has the ability to ensure that they must respect our fundamental rights.

It has launched a public consultation to review the regulatory toolbox to address the challenges posed by large online platforms. Liberties, together with other human rights and digital rights organizations, submitted a joint statement for the Commission.

The business models and terms of services of tech giants define their users' rights to privacy, data protection, and freedom of expression. Their data harvesting business models and content curation and distribution practices shape our way of thinking, determine what type of debates we participate in, and even influence how we vote.

The behavior of these platforms and their impact on fundamental rights is a major challenge facing the EU. The Commission should use legislative opportunities to set rules that create a democratic, fair, innovative, and fundamental rights-oriented EU digital society.

Please read our joint statement.

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