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Senegalese Migrant Dies in Police Raid in Catalonia

The man, who sold goods in the street, died after falling from a window of a building that was being searched by the Mossos D'Esquadra, the regional police of Catalonia. There are diverging versions about what actually happened.

by Rights International Spain

The debate about the mistreatment and the lack of proportionality of the actions against migrants by police and other state security officers in Spain has been reopened after the death of Mor, a Senegalese migrant who made his living selling goods in the street and died in a police raid on the building where he was living.

There are different versions about the circumstances or Mor's death. According to the officer at the scene, Mor fell while trying to escape from the police. However, several people testified that the agents pushed him from the balcony. His friends said that it was very odd that Mor, who had been earning his living selling in the streets, would try to run away in the course of a police raid.

Regardless of the result of the enquiry, it has become clear once again that there is a lack of independent supervision mechanisms for police performance, as is recommended by many international human rights organizations, as well as a lack of adaptation of the Spanish police behavior towards an increasingly diverse society.