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Asylum and Migration

Since the end of the cold war, increasing numbers of people have travelled to the EU to escape conflict, environmental disaster, poverty and persecution. EU governments have progressively made it more difficult to travel to the Union legally, forcing asylum seekers and other migrants into the hands of traffickers and placing their lives at great risk. In parallel, EU governments have developed an asylum system that places most of the burden on countries at the Union’s borders. This has particularly strained the resources of some countries in the Mediterranean. Most recently, the prolonged civil war in Syria has prompted larger numbers of people to seek asylum in the EU. Disagreements among national governments have prevented the EU from developing and implementing measures that could help to alleviate the suffering of millions of asylum seekers and other migrants looking for safety. Many politicians trying to drum up popular support, as well as parts of the media, have demonised migrants, meaning that those who do make it into the EU may face discrimination and even violent attacks. This topic covers the work of our members to persuade national authorities to treat asylum seekers and other migrants in line with human rights law.

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