#WithoutJustice: Experts Explain Ongoing Measures to Restrict Freedoms and Rights

Experts explain the Spanish government's attempts to restrict freedoms and rights instead of responding to people’s needs and demands.

Spanish citizens are exercising their rights to express their discontent, challenge government policies and channel their claims through mobilization and peaceful protest. The Spanish government’s response to an active and vocal civil society against austerity policies has been to implement a reform agenda that further restricts freedoms and rights, instead of responding to people’s needs and demands. This reality greatly reduces the legal guarantees citizens enjoy before the courts.

This video shows extracts of interviews with different experts (two judges, a lawyer, a public prosecutor and a lawyer and law lecturer) that explain the different measures and legal reforms promoted by the government to criminalize protest, undermine access to justice through new court fees and cuts to legal aid, and control the judiciary.

These are no isolated actions, they are all part of a plan to leave us #WithoutJustice