Watch: Your Privacy, Security and Freedom Online Are in Danger

Do you spend much of your day connected to the internet in some way? Take a minute to watch this video on why it’s important to know your limits and "look where you are going on the net."

The amount of personal digital data we give companies access to by using our smartphones, watches and other gadgets is tremendous. Just your browser history tells a lot about you, where you are, what you do, fears, political views and beyond. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to properly regulate what information we give out, and how they can use it in their business and services.

This is why EDRI✴ now calls on European citizens to stand up against companies attempting to water down rules on the privacy of information in the EU.

They will launch shortly a full-fledged campaign to defend your privacy and to keep enjoying your freedoms. As part of the campaign EDPI promises to give you the tools to protect yourself online.

✴(Members of European Digital Rights have joined forces to defend civil rights in the digital age. Currently, 31 privacy and civil rights organizations have a membership. They are based or have offices in 21 different countries in Europe.)