New Petition Calls for Police Identification in Europe

A new petition, launched together with this video, is collecting signatures throughout the member states, asking EU officials to begin debate on a new directive to identify police officers in order to, among other things, deter police abuse.

The association European Democratic Lawyers is promoting a European campaign to sign a petition directed at the European Commissioner, European Commission and the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament, asking them to take the necessary measures to adopt an EU directive for the identification of police officers on the basis of a preceding decision of the European Parliament. This video was launched together with the campaign.

The campaign seeks to collect the highest number of signatures possible in all member states until February 2015, at which time it will be delivered to European authorities. The petition asks EU officials to take the necessary steps and introduce a debate for adopting a directive or framework decision on this matter and give a response to the problem of the identification of police officers. In many EU member states, name tags or identification numbers are not part of police uniforms or may be hidden in certain circumstances, such as public order policing.

The aim of this directive, according to the promoters, is to avoid the violation of fundamental rights, safeguard the rights of the defense during judicial proceedings, the independence of judicial power and its role of control, as well as to banish from everyday life the impunity of criminal actions of police officers and their administrative and political superiors.

The petition can be signed here.