Free Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan has assumed the presidency of the Council of Europe - an organization set up to promote democracy and human rights. But the authoritarian regime of Ilham Aliyev keeps more than 100 political prisoners locked up.

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights organized a solidarity demonstration for political prisoners. It took place at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Warsaw. The demonstration was attended by the HFHR team and others, including Tomasz Szypuła, Krzysztof Bobiński and Piotr Niemczyk, none of whom are oblivious to the fate of political prisoners. The demonstration aimed at raising awareness of how human rights are being violated in Azerbaijan, emphasizing the fact that Azerbaijan consistently refuses to implement ECtHR verdicts. We also wanted to show our solidarity with activists and human rights defenders from Azerbaijan, who must continue their daily struggle against the politics of Ilham Aliyev's regime.