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Volunteers on the Rise for Refugees

The Migrant Solidarity Group in Szeged was established to show that there are many Hungarians who welcome asylum seekers with hospitality, treat them humanly and help them to continue their journey with dignity.

by LibertiesEU

In the summer of 2015, fleeing from war zones and complete hopelessness, thousands of people arrived in Hungary. They would not have been taken care of or received any support here without the well-organized help of volunteer groups.

We aim to present films and stories which show the selfless dedication of the volunteers to help the people who were trapped here, an organized and efficient cooperation unprecedented in present day Hungary. We consider it important to understand the motives behind the alliance of thousands of volunteers, defying the intimidating propaganda of the Hungarian government.

We wish to show how these people of all ages, with different mentalities and of different faiths and beliefs, work together to help both asylum seekers and Hungarians coming from a disadvantaged background.

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