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Vaccine Passport Monitoring: Countries' Hopes Rise, But So Do Warnings

While the EU continues to stay silent about digital vaccine passports, widespread debate around the topic gathers pace.

by LibertiesEU
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Inspired by the initiative of Denmark, Sweden has announced the development of digital vaccination certificates. Both countries have high hopes that the certificates will open the door to traveling and rebirth of social life. Despite the fact that Denmark is planning to introduce vaccination passports by the end of February 2021, claiming that the “business community needs to be able to travel”, virologists warn of risks. They believe that the obscure nature of the immunity against COVID-19 shrinks the power of the digital certificates to a fraction.

Unlike the Nordic neighbors, Hungary, which has recently decided to introduce a document certifying vaccination, does not consider this move as a green light for travel, at least yet. To add fuel to the fire, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during an interview that there is a possibility that those who refuse vaccination “may not be able to do certain things”.

Team Greece

The closer the summer season gets, the louder the voices of vaccination passport adherents become. Greece's plan to “save the summer” with an electronic proof of vaccination is turning into reality. The country has received support from Israel in the form of an agreement to loosen travel restrictions to Greece for Israelis who have proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Meanwhile, Spain has joined an unofficial “promotion campaign” in favor of vaccination certificates. Being one of the countries whose tourism industry was hit the hardest by the pandemic, Spain sees “the advances in vaccination cards and the opening of borders of fundamental importance if activity is to recover”.

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