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Here Is Why I Hate When Tech Giants Mess With My Life

Do you hate it when tech giants or governments mess with your life? It could be an everyday problem if the EU passes its proposed Copyright Directive.

by Orsolya Reich

It is Tuesday morning, I am having my first coffee and my cat, Fritz, is singing his "Be My Breakfast" song to the birds outside the window. I am happy – this is the day when my first ever video campaign will launch. I worked a lot on it. Especially the music – it was not easy to find something that fits the mood of the footage completely, and is free to use. But I did. A non-copyrighted Can Can of Offenbach in Youtube's Audiobook Library.

So I sit on my couch in my favorite PJs, open my work e-mail and find a message from our tech guy. Facebook does not allow him to upload the video. More precisely, it does, but it kills the sound for copyright reasons.

Click on my legs!

Facebook believes that we are breaching someone's rights - even though we are not.

I work for Liberties, and Eva Simon, the head of our copyright campaign, sits right in front of me in the office. This means I have someone to bitch to about my problem. She says that Facebook does this to avoid potential lawsuits. And it is going to be even worse if the EU’s new Copyright Directive goes through.

To tell you the truth, up until now I was not really moved by this copyright thingy. When Eva asked yesterday in the office whether there is anyone who could contribute to the campaign, I did not volunteer. I did not feel like it - there are so many other things to do.

But now...

I. Am. Really. Angry.

I hate when tech giants or governments mess with my life.

Copyright campaign, here I come. If you also hate when your life is messed with, send our letter!

PS: In the end, the issue got resolved - we had the opportunity to declare that we did not breach anyone's copyright. But this opportunity would not exist in the future, unless we thwart certain rules in the draft copyright law.

PS2: Watch my "99 Easy Recipes for Disaster" video on Youtube or Facebook. It is great. Especially with the music on.


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