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​Slovakian Activist Beaten; Attack Was 'Politically Motivated'

Unidentified attackers, allegedly driven by political motives, have beaten civil activist Alena Krempaská in Bratislava.

by LibertiesEU
Image: Facebook/Alena Krempaská
Four days ago, Alena Krempaská, activist for the Human Rights Institute, was beaten by two man while leaving her Bratislava office. Krempaská had to stay in a hospital overnight, but now her condition is stable, Peter Weisenbacher, her colleague and the executive director of the Institute for Human Right, told

According to Weisenbacher, the attackers have not been identified and there are no witnesses or CCTV recordings, but “everyone agrees is was politically motivated.”

Weisenbacher earlier wrote that Alena was "thrown down on the ground, beaten in the face and called 'bitch.'" This all happened just a few hours after Alena and her fellow campaigners were verbally attacked and threatened with violence at a rally organized by right-wing parliamentary parties SaS (Freedom and Solidarity) and OĽaNO (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities).

Alena spent a night in the hospital because of fears that she had suffered a concussion. Fortunately, the medical examination did not confirm this suspicion, and she was released home for recovery.

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