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Police Remove Hundreds of Migrants Stuck at Greek-Macedonian Border

Most people who want to move on to Western Europe are being taken to Greek refugee camps. No one is left in the temporary camp. Two people died during the past week protesting against the conditions.

by LibertiesEU
Hundreds of refugees stuck at the closed border between Greece and Macedonia have been arrested by police and taken to refugee camps.

Afghan refugees are classed as "economic refugees" and not allowed to enter, but still they come to the border. They refuse to leave, to go back to the dangerous life they're fleeing, even though they receive no help at the border except from volunteers funded by private donors.

The situation remains critical. "If we stay here, we will die," said one refugee. "It's cold."

This powerful video from Volunteers on the Rise paints a moving picture of life at the border area: fighting for food and water, no blankets with which to sleep at night, and constant uncertainty and anxiety.

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