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Croatian Police Force Migrants to Make Fascist Salute

As a group of refugees were trying to cross from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian police officers stopped them and forced them to shout football slogans and make the salute of the fascist Ustasha regime while filming them.

by Lovorka Šošić
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After this video was noticed on social networks, human rights organisations reacted with shock and demanded answers from the police. The police force dissociated itself from the officers who, in their words, "acted improperly" and says it has initiated disciplinary proceedings.

Unfortunately, humiliating migrants like this is no exception on the Croatian border. Numerous international organisations and institutions, including the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, the Croatian ombudswoman and Human Rights Watch, have been talking about violence and expulsion for more than two years. However, Croatian authorities persistently dissociate themselves from these reports.


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