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#OpenMigration: Understanding Migration & Advocating Dignity for All

Open Migration is a data-driven project on the refugee crisis that aims to uproot stereotypes and prejudices and advocate for dignity for all.

by Corallina Lopez Curzi
Open Migration aims to use the strength of numbers and information to advocate for dignity for all. (Image: IHH Humanitarian Relief Fund - Flickr/CC content)
Data allows us to challenge stereotypes and to influence the direction of public opinion and policy. For this reason, the Italian Coalition for Civil Rights and Liberties (CILD) has just launched Open Migration, an open and horizontal informative project on refugees and migrations.

Open Migration aims to provide top-quality information on the matter through analysis of objective data: it is indeed due time to uproot those prevailing and dangerous stereotypes and prejudices, which are so often improperly used by media and politicians when debating the theme of migrations.

Verified data

The refugee crisis has undoubtedly been the hottest topic of 2015, widely reported and debated all over the world. Despite all the talking, though, there is an evident lack of clear and reliable information on the issue, which is too often approached in superficial ways.

Did you ever stop to check how much of your knowledge on refugees and migrations comes from verified data and information? Open Migration offers the tools to check what you do or don't know about the refugee crisis - try this easy and essential test! - and to verify whether what you have been told on the issue is actually true (through meticulous fact checking and infographics).

A continuously updated dashboard grants real-time access to all the relevant numbers on refugee arrivals and flows and weekly press and web review offers a selection of the most interesting readings on the issue.

Advocating dignity for all

Clear and reliable data are only the starting point. Open Migration aims to use the strength of numbers and information to advocate for dignity for all, doing so by bringing forward and debating new ideas and arguments on border policies, asylum rights, and immigration and integration. To start with, don't miss this brilliant interview on migrants, walls and terrorism with the great sociologist Zygmunt Bauman.

Migration cannot be simplified through generic and stereotyped formulas. Join Open Migration in its quest for an informed debate on what is arguably the biggest issue of our time!

Find out more about Open Migration through its website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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