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On Immigration: Meltem Avcil

Campaigner and former detainee Meltem Avcil, who was taken to Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre aged just 13 with her mother, shares her story at Liberty's "Rubbing Along Together" event, focusing on the UK's toxic immigration debate.

by Liberty

One morning in August 2007, immigration officers arrived at Meltem Avcil's home at 6 a.m., banged on the door and hauled her and her mother into detention at the UK's infamous Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. She was just 13 at the time.

Meltem has since become active in the campaign against the detention of children for immigration purposes. This year she started a petition calling for an end to the detention of women who seek asylum.

Here she shares her family's story at Liberty's "Rubbing Along Together" event, exploring the toxic immigration debate in the UK, at St Paul's Cathedral in London.

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