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Scene of Disaster: Bulldozers Raze a Migrant Camp in Rome

Bulldozers demolished a migrant camp near Rome on the morning of May 11. This video was recorded at the scene.

by Associazione Antigone

On the morning of May 11, bulldozers and police in riot gear came to clear the migrant camp in Ponte Mammolo, in the eastern suburbs of Rome. This video was recorded by Alberto Barbieri, president of MEDU (Doctors for Human Rights), who was inside the camp during the evacuation. He recounts:

"Some people, especially the elderly, remained inside for a long time, even after the clearing had begun, with bulldozers crushing their homes. I was there assisting a woman with heart disease. She was feeling very sick, but some policemen came and started to threaten us, saying that we could be charged for hampering their operation."
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