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HCLU Offers Assistance in Requesting Medical Cannabis in Hungary

Liberties partner the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) has published a 15-point guide on how to request medical cannabis in Hungary.

by Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
An information campaign launched by HCLU helps Hungarian patients gain access to cannabinoid pharmaceuticals to promote their recovery.

HCLU aims to assist people with chronic illness or lasting harm, for whom the use of cannabis has expected health gains. At present, Hungary does not have a medical cannabis program and, unlike other European countries, has not registered accessible cannabinoid products. These can be purchased only by special request, even when medically justified.

This requires a patient's doctor's consent to the use of medical cannabis and a brief justification why cannabis may bring better results compared with traditional medicinal products.

HCLU's downloadable publication enumerates the diseases that can be successfully treated with cannabis. The organization provides free legal aid and professional advice to patients who need cannabis for their recovery.

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