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Animation: This Is Why We Must Speak Up for Our Freedom of Speech

No free speech means no democracy. Here is our new video we made with Kurzgesagt about the current threats to freedom of speech in Europe. Share this video before it’s too late.

by LibertiesEU
Some European governments are trying to manipulate public opinion by controlling the media, like in Hungary and Poland, while others attempt to restrict public demonstrations, such as Spain with the gag law, and even punish satire.

Is that the Europe you want to live in?

Sure, there are limits on free speech to protect our private lives or prevent hate speech against minorities. But governments are increasingly abusing these limits to stop us from having our say, or from holding them to account.
Stand up for your right to get unbiased news, express your opinion and make up your own mind. Watch and share this video and speak up for your freedom of speech!

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