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The Rule of Law Dialogue: 5 Ideas for Future EU Presidencies

EU governments need to keep each other to their human rights commitments. Here's how.

by Israel Butler
Image: Dominique edte - Flickr/CC content

Hungary’s Orbán administration has spent its five years in office eroding the constitution, undermining the independence of the judiciary, taking control over the media, attacking civil society and reforming electoral rules in its favour. Since 2012, Rajoy has carried out draconian reforms to Spain’s justice system. Now, Poland’s newly elected PiS government looks set to take the country in a similar direction.

The Treaty on European Union says that the EU is ‘founded on’ the rule of law, democracy and human rights. But until now, governments have never talked to each other about how, or even whether, they are sticking to the EU’s fundamental values. Now that they have had their first rights talk, ELP partners have put together some ideas for EU governments on how they can keep each other in line.

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