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A CLUE About the Copyright Directive and Article 13

In a huge blow to free speech, the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has voted to approve Article 13 of the Copyright Directive.

by LibertiesEU

Here's the Civil Liberties Union for Europe's new video on Article 13 of the EU's Copyright Directive.

Article 13 forces big internet companies like YouTube and Facebook to be responsible for copyrighted content on their sites – either they ensure that every single upload is free of any copyrighted material, or else they could pay a big fine.

To avoid the fine, they will institute upload filters to block any content that could possibly contain copyrighted material.

From home videos to memes to video game playing, the consequences for our online free speech will be enormous.

Share this video and help us keep pressure on MEPs ahead of the plenary vote in July. This fight is not over!

To find out more about Article 13 and the Copyright Directive, visit our special #Copyright page!


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