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NGOs Protest School Segregation for Roma Children in Hungary

Hungary's government is set to discuss an amendment to the Public Education Act that includes the legalization of segregated education. NGOs are calling on the ombudsman to publicly oppose the new policy.

by Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

If the proposed amendment to the Public Education Act passes, the Hungarian government would be authorized to regulate exceptions to the legal prohibition of segregated education by issuing special orders. This unconstitutional measure would allow the government to restrict fundamental rights and legalize the segregation of Roma children in schools in the country.

Three civil organizations (Chance for Children Foundation, European Roma Rights Centre and Romaversitas) have already sent a legal opinion to MPs, asking them not to vote for the amendment when it is debated by the Parliament on December 15.

Now more organizations have joined together and sent a letter to Commissioner of Fundamental Rights László Székely (the country's ombudsman), asking him to speak in Parliament and make his concerns public, considering the severe restrictions on rights and freedoms this law would impose.

Read the letter (in Hungarian) and the list of signatories here.

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