Czech President Calls for Stronger Military Presence at Borders

President Milos Zeman sent a message to the refugees in the Czech Republic: no one invited them and they must respect the rules of this country. "If you do not like it, go away," he told them.

President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic recently took aim at refugees from the Middle East and Africa, telling them they were not invited. He also said that the country can expect an influx of Ukrainian immigrants who "unlike those Islamic ones have a far greater ability to assimilate."

"Maybe someone will consider this an appeal to the lowest human instincts, but the Hungarians had the same attitude, building a fence along the border with Serbia, and the Americans, who built a fence on the border with Mexico," said President Zeman, who believes that migrants can be helped best in their own territories.

President Zeman praised the police deployment during the refugee flow into Czech territory and promoted intensification of their efforts and legal measures to support them.

'Foolish actions'

He also said that the army is able to send about 1,500 soldiers to the border, citing figures from Chief of General Staff Josef Becvar. The Czech army now has about 21,000 soldiers, with another 2,000 people to be enlisted this year.

According to President Zeman, the responsibility for the refugee wave lies with those regimes that "provoked this with their foolish actions."

"Why do we have to suffer the consequences?" he asked. The president also supported the protection of the external borders of the European Union and the actions of the so-called "blue helmets" of the United Nations that would deliberately destroy the terrorist training bases.