#Unteilbar: A Quarter Million Berliners Demonstrate Against Racism & Hatred

More than 240,000 thousand people demonstrated in Berlin on Saturday under the motto "Solidarity not Marginalization."

Nearly a quarter of a million people from all over Germany took to the streets on Saturday in Berlin to protest against racism and hatred under the central slogan “Solidarity not Marginalization”. The demonstration #Unteilbar (indivisible) started in the city center, at Alexanderplatz, and stretched over 5 kilometers to reach the Victory Column, where a stage had been erected for politicians and activists to deliver political messages and musicians to entertain the crowds.

Participants had a variety of banners reading such things as “No Place for Nazis”, “United Against Racism”, and “Sea Rescue is not a Crime”. The demonstration was a response to the current political shift to the far right and the increasing prevalence of racism and discrimination, which are becoming more and more socially acceptable in Germany. The recent political debates about the rejection of refugees at the borders were also frequently addressed.

Many organizations and political parties joined in the mass protests, such as Amnesty International, Pro Asyl, the Social Democratic Party, die Grünen and die Linke, denouncing right-wing populists and calling for more solidarity with marginalized groups. All sorts of celebrities, prominent television presenters, journalists, authors, celebrities and musicians, such as Jan Böhmermann and Herbert Grönemeier, were present to show their support.