Tear Gas Attack Targets LGBTIQ Party in Zagreb

​Zagreb Pride condemns the tear gas attack on an LGBTIQ-themed party in Zagreb in the early morning of February 12. This violent act of hatred resulted in several injuries.
Zagreb Pride is demanding that police in Croatia carry out a fast and effective investigation to identify and bring to justice those responsible for this awful physical assault on the citizens, as well as to take all appropriate measures which will ensure peace, safety and human rights of LGBTIQ persons in Zagreb and Croatia.

Over the past few months, we have seen escalating manifestations of hate in public spaces, fueled by the increasingly aggressive and louder discourse of radical right-wing factions that target constitutional values of Croatia, tacitly supported by the Croatian government.

We have already warned about the government's lack of appropriate response to the fascist outbursts in relation to the destruction of the memorial plaque in Jasenovac, as well as the silence of the government in condemning any form of incitement to hatred.

Yesterday's attack clearly and unequivocally demonstrates the fine line between hatred and violence.

We therefore invite Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković, Minister of the Interior Vlaho Orepić, as well as other members of Croatia's political leadership to resolutely, loudly and clearly condemn this violent act directed against human rights of LGBTIQ people and Croatian citizens, and to thereby show that hatred and violence are not the values of our society.

We will not surrender or step back in the fight for our human rights! We will not be silenced with the tear gas as we have not been in 2002 during the first Zagreb Pride March.

Justice and love are on our side and we will all proudly march, not only on June 10 this year at the 16th Zagreb Pride, but also every day outside of our "four walls." Hatred will never be able to defeat love!