LGBT Migrants in Italy Face Continued Persecution

Persecuted, violated and rejected on the basis of their sexual orientation, LGBT migrants need stronger support and appropriate assistance to live a normal life.
With the rising number of refugees arriving in Europe and in Italy, the situation of LGBT migrants is becoming an important issue and requires particular attention.

LGBT migrants were under severe persecution in their home country, most often by the authorities, because homosexuality is often punishable by death, but also by their family and friends. However, once they leave their country, the discrimination does not stop, and many are still persecuted by their travel partners.

In Italy, LGBT migrants are doubly rejected: because they are migrants, and because they are homosexuals. Associations were created to help these migrants. Such is the case of Migrabo by Arcigay, which combines two areas of action: assistance for migrants and assistance for LGBT people.

Significant need

Migrabo tries to integrate LGBT migrants into Italian society by providing moral and psychological support as well also legal assistance, because these migrants, persecuted for their sexual orientation, are often not aware of their rights. The services are completely free and anonymous to protect their safety and privacy.

The number of LGTB migrants is not known — it is indeed very difficult to obtain such personal information — but there is a significant need. That is why in Italy, it is essential to have qualified staff dealing with those people and LGBT migrants associations well established throughout the country.