Watch: 71% of Young Hungarians Think Corruption & Success Are Linked

A new video campaign in Hungary explores youth sentiments about corruption, what journalists think of political independence and more.
Mérték Médiaelemző Műhely's (media analysis workshop) campaign is on topics concerning all citizens. We have already covered the campaign in a previous article presenting Mérték's video on democracy.

The previous film by Mérték focused on a survey conducted by Transparency International that revealed that only 14 percent of Hungarians think average citizens can do anything against abuses.

The second video of the campaign covers corruption through the story of a film director trying to make a film on corruption:

At the end of the film, shocking data is cited with reference to Transparency International's survey: 71 percent of young people think that it is hard to succeed in Hungary without corruption.

Refugees represent the third topic of the campaign. This video is based on speeches of Pope Francis, including his statement that Europe is endowed with all the capacities necessary for striking a balance between the protection of its citizens and the reception of refugees:

The last piece of the campaign is on freedom of the press in Hungary. In this video, the audience is traumatized by data drawn from research conducted by Mérték Médiaelemző Műhely that found that 90 percent of Hungarian journalists believe politicians have control over the media:

Watch all the videos of the campaign, and take action so that your country will never become such a disappointing place with respect to these issues.