​Copyright Reform: Your Help Is Needed More Than Ever

The EU's long-overdue copyright reform seems to be finally in sight, though far from being free speech friendly. But you can still do something to make it better.

The EU is working on a censorship machine built into Article 13 of the proposed Copyright Directive. It’s now up to the European Parliament to avoid the introduction of the EU’s mandatory internet filtering. Our fundamental right to freedom of speech is at stake.

Under the proposal a new era of censored internet would exist. It would mean that small and big internet companies alike, companies such as YouTube, Facebook, Github and other file-sharing platforms, would be forced to implement new algorithms to check whether the content you upload has any copyrighted elements. Bots would judge what you can share – and what can be shared with you. They would filter out and ban anything that might cause a problem.

Article 13 threatens, for example:

  • The ability to remix
  • The sharing of memes
  • Code sharing
  • Live streaming gamers

Even with the latest amendments, which offer a redress mechanism, there is not enough protection for our freedom to speak. You could file a complaint, but we all know how slow internet companies can be to get back to you. And if you are not blocked according to a legal regulation but according to the terms of use of the website, then you effectively lose any redress mechanism.

To be clear, no one questions the need to concretely protect copyrights. But under the surface, the EU's current attempt at copyright reform will compromise our free speach. It’s about censorship.

But it’s still not too late! Digital rights organizations and other civil society groups have joined forces for a last push to convince MEPs of the responsible committee of the European Parliament to change their mind and vote against #Article13. Liberties and a number of other NGOs have started our own call campaign to reach out to members of the European Parliament to pass along our joint message: refuse censorship and vote no on #Article13.

But we need you too to let parliamentarians know: Europeans are against censorship and don't want this reform passed as is. The European Parliament will vote on 20-21 June on the Copyright Directive - act before it's too late!

What can you do?

1. Send our prewritten letter to European Parliamentarians

2. Visit the Save Your Internet site and share your concerns!

3. Call your MEP and tell them you refuse upload filtering and want them to vote against it!