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Rights International Spain (RIS) is an NGO that works to hold the government accountable for protecting human rights and civil liberties in Spain.

Rights International Spain (RIS) is a Spanish independent, non-profit, NGO working to hold the Spanish State accountable for its obligation to protect and respect human rights and civil liberties through a more effective use of international law principles and mechanisms. RIS's mission is to strengthen human rights accountability in Spain by monitoring government activity, with a particular focus on rule of law and access to justice, as well as raising civil society’s awareness and mobilize support to demand justice. To accomplish its mission, RIS develops timely and rigorous policy and legal analysis, produces other advocacy and communications resources and tools for the general public, and supports strategic litigation initiatives.

RIS’s overall objectives are:
1) to promote greater awareness, understanding and a more effective use of international legal mechanisms;
2) to develop capacity building activities and training targeting the juridical community, civil society organizations and the public in general, as well as advance access to tools and resources, in order to strengthen the use of international law for the protection of civil liberties and human rights;
3) to propose and support policy and legal reforms aimed at harmonizing domestic legislation with international human rights standards and norms;
4) to monitor the effective implementation of recommendations from UN human rights bodies, the enforcement of European Court of Human Rights decisions, as well as the implementation of EU Directives in the area of justice, fostering and facilitating alliances, partnerships, and joint initiatives with domestic and international organizations and other relevant players. In addition, RIS engages in strategic litigation, both before national and international courts, in order to promote and protect civil rights and liberties by judicial bodies, as well as to foster the prosecution of civil rights violations.

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