PILP stands up for the protection of human rights and the rule of law in the Netherlands and in the Dutch legal sphere. PILP does this by advising on, supporting and conducting strategic litigation and legal proceedings.

Sometimes consultation and lobbying ‘alone’ no longer helps. Then it may be necessary to take legal action.

Strategic litigation is the strategic use of legal proceedings in order to try to bring about social, political or legal changes. It can also give individuals and minorities a voice and provide those whose human rights are at stake with access to justice.

PILP aims to be the legal ally of NGOs, advocacy organizations, communities, activists, lawyers and academics working for human rights, the rule of law and a better, fairer world. These groups, according to PILP, should play a leading role in all matters concerning them and their causes and campaigns. PILP conveys that law, litigation and procedures should only be deployed if it is strategic and could strengthen the campaigns and goals, of those for whom it is deployed.

At the same time, PILP ensures that all lawsuits and procedures make legal sense and are technically and procedurally correct. PILP is also a law firm that operates fully within the rules and laws (of conduct) applicable to the legal profession.

PILP has an office complaint procedure. It is also possible to file a disciplinary complaint with the Bar Association. For this we would like to refer you to the website of the Amsterdam Bar Association.

Besides advising on or conducting strategic legal proceedings, PILP also regularly organizes events or other activities to bring its work and the goals of clients to the attention of the broader public and/or to learn from (potential) allies.

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