Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) is a non-profit human rights watchdog NGO established in Budapest, Hungary in 1994.

The HCLU is a Hungarian human rights watchdog working independently of political parties, the state or any if its institutions. The HCLU’s aim is to promote the case of fundamental rights and principles laid down by the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary and by international conventions. Generally, it has the goal of building and strengthening civil society and the rule of law in Hungary and in the CEE region. Since the HCLU is an independent non-profit organization, its financial resources are mostly provided by foundations and by an increasing number of private persons.

Our mission

The HCLU strives to educate citizens about their basic human rights and freedoms, and takes a stand against undue interference and misuse of power by those in positions of authority.

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