Belgian League of Human Rights

For over a hundred years, the Ligue des Droits Humains (LDH) (League of Human Rights) has combated injustices and infringements of fundamental rights in the French Community of Belgium.

LDH educates the public to respect basic human rights (including institutional violence, access to justice, respect for minorities, women's rights), challenges the political power on issues concerning human rights, trains adults (under its continuing education activities) on awareness of human rights issues and the law, and brings issues regarding the development of educational tools and training to the attention of education stakeholders.

Born in 1901, the League of Human Rights is a non-profit organization recognized continuing education, independent, pluralistic and interdisciplinary organization. It is a movement in which everyone feels concerned and acts with respect for the dignity of all.

LDH works on subjects such as: youth, prisoners' rights, migrant and refugees situation and rights, access to justice, economic, social and cultural rights, psychiatric patient's rights, equal opportunities, privacy and diversity.

In Charleroi, La Louviere, Namur, Mouscron and Verviers, the locals provide visibility, proximity and dynamism of the League to the population. LDH is a member of the International Federation for Human of Human Rights (FIDH), a non-governmental organization with 155 leagues worldwide.

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