Human Rights Monitoring Institute

Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI) is an NGO started in 2003 in Lithuania whose mission is to promote an open democratic society through the implementation of human rights.

Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2003 in Lithuania with the mission to promote an open democratic society through the implementation of human rights and freedoms.

Strategic aims of HRMI include:

1) Developing the capacity of Lithuanian civil society to influence human rights policies;

2) Fostering an environment that is respectful of human rights, and promoting public debate and dialogue on human rights;

3) Encouraging people to exercise their rights and aiding in defending those rights in case of violations;

4) Advocating for continuous improvement of national laws and policies to make them stronger and more able to protect inherent human dignity, and for increased accountability of the government. HRMI conducts daily monitoring of the human rights situation in Lithuania, advocates for changes in the national legislation, pursues strategic litigation, conducts research, drafts alternative reports to international human rights bodies, publicly responds to human rights violations, and carries out awareness raising and educational campaigns.

HRMI is a member of the EU Fundamental Rights Platform, EuroChild, UNITED for Intercultural Action, JUSTICIA and OSCE Civil Solidarity Platform. Members of HRMI staff have been working in several national and international human rights bodies such as UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and National Judicial Selection Committee, and have served as experts for the Council of Europe and OSCE. HRMI is also actively cooperating with foreign and international NGOs such as Amnesty International, Interights, Reprieve, Redress, Open Society Justice Initiative, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Fair Trials International, Hungarian Helsinki Committee and others. From October 2012, HRMI, in partnership with OSFL Projects, is the NGO Programme Lithuania Fund Operator.

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