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We are the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, an independent watchdog working to inform and mobilize citizens for the protection and enjoyment of human rights for all

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​Italy Stands #WithRefugees to Celebrate World Refugee Day

The situation of refugees is not just the political issue that the general public has come to know - it is and always will be a human issue. To celebrate World Refugee Day, Italy is holding a series of eye-opening events across the country.


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What Are the Limits of the Polish Justice Minister’s Freedom to Criticize Judges?

This is the very question the Regional Court in Warsaw needs to answer in deciding a personal interests protection action brought by district court judge Justyna Koska-Janusz against the minister of justice.
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Taking a Cue From Hungary, Romania Moves to Persecute NGOs

The ruling party of Romania wants to shut down all NGOs that do not publish reports on their revenues and expenses twice per year.