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We are the European Liberties Platform, an independent watchdog working to inform and mobilize citizens for the protection and enjoyment of human rights for all

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In Italy, Not All Footballers Play by the Same Rules

A conference organized by Atletico Diritti, Antigone and Progetto Diritti highlights discrimination in the process to register a team with the Italian Football Federation.


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UN Covenants Are a ‘Lifeline’ for Millions, But Vigilance Is Always Needed

​As extremism and intolerance rise in Europe and across the world, the international community must redouble its efforts to protect the human rights of all people, the United Nations General Assembly was told.
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Give Children a Voice in the Fight Against Poverty in the Netherlands

421,000 children in the Netherlands are at risk of social exclusion, and children's rights organizations are sounding the alarm with four recommendations to help prevent kids in poor families from becoming disadvantaged.