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We are the European Liberties Platform, an independent watchdog working to inform and mobilize citizens for the protection and enjoyment of human rights for all

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Your Faith, Your Concern: HCLU Launches Campaign for the Proper Amendment to Hungary's Church Act

The planned amendment of the law does not ensure remedies to human rights violations identified by the Hungarian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Petition for the proper amendment of Act CCVI of 2011 on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion and the Legal Status of Churches, Denominations and ...

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Gay Discrimination Case Brings More Condemnation for Italy

By refusing to grant a residence permit to a foreigner in a same-sex couple, Italy violated multiple articles of the European Convention on Human Rights, and the state must now pay 38,000 euros in compensation.
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Lithuania to Join the Largest Open-Air Holocaust Memorial in Europe

Stolpersteine, used to commemorate people who worked and created art all over Europe but were seemingly erased from the map during the Holocaust, shall soon find their way into the sidewalks of four major Lithuanian cities.