Impressum is a news and e-participation website dedicated to human rights. It is produced by the members of the European Liberties Platform, an informal network of human rights organisations across the European Union. The main mission of is to raise awareness around civil rights, mobilize EU citizens by using e-participation tools and share fundamental rights-related content through social media. editorial team is also responsible for the content on:

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György Folk (Editor-in-Chief) (EU Affairs Journalist, Human Rights Activist) (gy dot folk at liberties dot eu)


Jonathan Day (Managing Editor) (jday at liberties dot eu)

For European Liberties Platform related inquiries contact:

Balázs Dénes (Open Society Foundations, OSIFE, Director of the European Civil Liberties Project) (balazs dot denes at opensocietyfoundations dot org)

Alex Krasznay (Open Society Foundations, OSIFE, Project Officer of the European Civil Liberties Project) (alex dot krasznay at opensocietyfoundations dot org)

Partner organisations:


Partner Organisation: Ligue des droits de l'homme (Belgique francophone)

Contact person: David Morelli (dmorelli at liguedh dot be)



Partner Organisation: Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC)

Contact person: Svetla Baeva ( svetla at bghelsinki dot org)

Translator: Cveta Stoeva


Partner Organisation: Centre for Peace Studies

Contact person:Danela Žagar (danela dot zagar at cms dot hr)

Translator: Martina Hrupic

Czech Republic

Partner Organisation: Czech League of Human Rights

Contact person: Martin Dutkiewic (MDutkiewic at llp dot cz), Magdaléna Selingerová (magdalena dot selingerova at gmail dot com)

Translator: Radovan Krámár and Denisa Slašťanová


Partner Organisation:

Contact person:

Translator: Isidoros Dafnis


Partner Organisation: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

Contact person: András Szeles (szeles at tasz dot hu) Anna Kertész (kertesz dot anna at tasz dot hu)

Translator: Róza Vajda


Partner Organisation: Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL)

Contact person: Emily Glen (emily dot glen at iccl dot ie)


Partner Organisation: Associazione Antigone + Coalizione Italiana Libertà e Diritti Civili

Contact person: Susanna Marietti (susanna dot marietti at associazioneantigone dot it), Corallina Lopez (corallina dot lopez001 at gmail dot com)

Translator: Daniela Ronco


Partner Organisation: Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI)

Contact person: Natalija Bitiukova (natalija dot bitiukova at hrmi dot lt), Meta Adutaviciute (meta dot adutaviciute at hrmi dot lt)

Translator: Petras Borisovas


Partner Organisation: Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR)

Contact person: Małgorzata Szuleka (m dot szuleka at hfhr dot org dot pl), Marta Agnieszka Borucka (m dot borucka at hfhrpol dot waw dot pl)

Translator: Kasia Swiatoniowska


Partner Organisation: Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Romania-the Helsinki Committee (APADOR-CH)

Contact person: Dollores Benezic (dbenezic at apador dot org)

Translator: Oana Girlescu


Partner Organisation: Rights International Spain (RIS)

Contact person: Lydia Vicente Márquez (, Cristina de la Serna Sandoval (cserna at rightsinternationalspain dot org)

Translator: Ethel Odriozola Monzón


Partner Organisation: Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights (NJCM)

Contact person: Nina Kesar (

Translator: Silke Zwijsen


Contact person: Adriana Kessler (adriana dot kessler at posteo dot de)

Translator: Florian Hülsey (florian dot hulsey at k77 dot org)