​European Parliament Gives Advice to Protect Your Digital Rights

A massive study from the European Parliament details the digital threats EU citizens are exposed to today and gives options for people to protect their digital identity and rights.

The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee aims to give options for a better, more secure and more privacy-friendly Internet, while at the same time allowing governmental law enforcement and security agencies to perform their duties, and obtain quickly and legally all the information needed to fight crime and to protect national security interests.

Download the study from the EP's website: Part I + Part II

Part one of the study, titled Risks and opportunities raised by the current generation of network services and applications, identifies the risks of data breaches for users of publicly available Internet services such as email, social networks and cloud computing, and the possible impacts for them and the European Information Society. It presents the latest technology advances allowing the analysis of user data and their metadata on a mass scale for surveillance reasons. It identifies technological and organizational measures and the key stakeholders for reducing the risks identified. Finally, the study proposes possible policy options, in support of the risk reduction measures identified by the study.

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