Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights

NJCM, short for Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten (Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights), works to promote and protect human rights in the Netherlands.

The NJCM is the Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). The organisation was founded in 1974 in Leiden, where it still has its seat. As a national section of the ICJ, the NJCM seeks to promote and protect human rights in the Netherlands. The NJCM critically monitors legislation and policy in the Netherlands, including foreign policy, for compliance with national, European and international human rights standards. When necessary, the NJCM writes commentaries on national policy documents and draft legislation to lobby for human rights protection in Parliament. Also, it coordinates shadow reports on the implementation of European and international treaties to inform the United Nations and the Council of Europe. To promote human rights under jurists, lawyers, judges and the broader public in the Netherlands, the NJCM organizes expert meetings and conferences devoted to themes in the area of the protection of human rights. Occasionally the NJCM contributes to public debate by publishing articles in newspapers.

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