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    Hungarian Volunteers Give Warm Welcome to Refugees

    Meals, advice, shelter and smiles await refugees in Hungary, thanks to volunteers who spurn the government's shameful campaign to promote fear and xenophobia. Here's a new gallery from the UNHCR.

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    Unaccompanied Children in Calais Cultivate a World Away From Home

    A center for young refugees in Saint-Omer, France, offers shelter and protection, as well as the chance to enjoy being children again. Here's a peak into their new world from the UNHCR.

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    In Pictures: Refugees and Their European Hosts

    The No Stranger Place photo series, created by documentary photographer Aubrey Wade in partnership with the UNHCR, provides a heartwarming example at compassion and friendship: refugees and their European hosts in the style of traditional family portraits.

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    This Is How Young Artists See the War on Drugs

    Here are the top five submissions from the "Let's Get Real About Drugs" poster contest launched by Drugreporter ahead of the upcoming UNGASS 2016.

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    This is the Human Side of a Refugee 'Hot Spot'

    Volunteers are the ones who distribute food in the Victoria Square in Athens, who rescue refugees on the shores of Lesbos and work with Syrian orphans in Turkey. Here is a brief snapshot of their story.

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    Threads. The Calais Cartoon.

    Of that great mass of refugees arriving in Europe, a few thousand have washed up Calais, France, trying to attempt the dangerous crossing to England. They’ve been hung out to dry by the French and British governments.

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    2015’s 5 Best and 5 Worst Human Rights Happenings in Europe

    “‘Human rights’ only works if every one of us is entitled to them” could be the most important takeaway from Europe’s 2015 human rights record. Here are the most impactful events and issues from the past year. Happy Holidays to all readers!